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Result: Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship and Big Country Club Stakes

Location: Kirkpatrick Lake, Alberta

Post Date: Jan 6, 2023

Submitted By: Sig Guggenmoos

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(L to R) Front Austin Turley with Carbonado's Silver Sage, Jeanette Heise with Ten Oaks Annie A. (Back row) Ron Bender and Pat Lewis, judges, Darrell Curtis, Lou Qualtiere, Glen Randle, Sig Guggenmoos, Sergio Velez, Gar Beacom, Sam Handous.

Mike Stephens' nom de plume, I. M. Stuck, is strongly in mind as I write this. First the Region was stuck finding a host club and venue for the Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship due to a loss of grounds because of changing farming practices. So, it was decided at a rather late date that the Big Country Field Trial Club would host the championship. What would we do with the club stakes? What could we reasonably run and when, considering our Region 14 members from south of the border would like to get down to American Falls to compete in their championships. For our Montana members this was a tough choice, support the Region, which involved the hassles of a border crossing or head down to Idaho for a shot a two championships. The fact that Covid border restrictions were still in place further limited our entry.

The next reason that I. M. Stuck is flashing across my mind is that I am not the designated reporter for this trial. I was informed after repeated nudging for the report, that our reporter had inadvertently washed his notebook with a jacket. I apologize to the participants that a full commentary of the running cannot be provided as being the marshal for all the stakes, I, of necessity, was always going on with the dog not standing birds. I did receive information from the judges about the performance of the placing dogs in the championship. Before that, let me identify and thank people.

First, thanks to our landowners Glen Randle who provides our camp area, to the Scoville clan, who provide the majority of the land we run on and to Mark Crowle and Todd Nelson and family. A special thanks to Conrad Scoville. He informed me that we would be advised to change one of our courses as son Shane had gotten a good deal on some heifers by agreeing to also take a very nasty old cow, with which we probably would not want to tangle. To accommodate this change, he put in a new gate for us.

Thanks to our Championship judges Ron Bender of Lumsden, Saskatchewan and Pat Lewis from Ste. Genevieve, Manitoba. Both men have a long history in field trials, judging championships and have competed in our region club trails and championships.
For the Big Country Club stakes thanks go to our judges, Ron Bender, Bruce McGillivray, Ryan Jones and Megan Bastien. When organizing a trial, finding judges is always a challenge. People are off to other trials or they want to compete themselves or are otherwise occupied. So, it's refreshing when one gets a contact as I did from Megan asking how can I help.

There are others necessary to make the trial a success, requiring thanks. Jeanette Heise who handled prizes for the winners; Gar Beacom, club secretary, who in addition to handling the money was our dog truck driver and adult beverage supplier. Arnie Brown provided the dog wagon. Sean Kelly, Gerry Caswell and Darrel Curtis who supplied and cooked the banquet meal. The banquet was held at the Hemaruka Hall on the 17'th. Unfortunately, our landowners could not attend due to health issues and other interests such as farming and grand kids. However, the full complement of field trailers and work crew enjoyed a steak dinner with baked beans supplied by Darrel's mother.

The Big Country club stakes were run on September 16'th. The drawing for the Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship was held at the Hemaruka Hall on the evening of the 16th with yours truly presiding assisted by Megan Bastien. The Shooting Dog Championship commenced on the 17'th.

Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship
Emerging victorious was Ten Oaks Annie A, 8-year-old pointer female, owned and handled by Jeanette Heise. Annie has won this championship multiple times previously. She's what we all want, a dog that is consistent. Her placement was based on a forward race, intelligent hunting of the cover available and two finds with high on both ends style.
Runner-up was awarded to Carbonado's Silver Sage, two-year-old pointer female owned by Michelle and Austin Turley, handled by Austin. Sage had one find but her race was not extensive and forward as that of the champion.
Kirkpatrick Lake, Alberta, September 17
Judges: Ron Bender and Pat Lewis
REGION 14 AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 12 Pointers and 1 Setter

Winner-TEN OAKS ANNIE A, 1658799, pointer female, by Erin's Brave Heart-Nathan's Sis. Jeanette Heise & Louis Qualtiere, owners; Jeanette Heise, handler.
Runner-Up-CARBONADO'S SILVER SAGE, 1691433, pointer female, by Touch's Diamante-Boudica. Michelle & Austin Turley, owners; Austin Turley, handler.


Judges: Ron Bender and Bruce McGillivray
OPEN SHOOTING DOG - 11 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st-FASTFORWARD'S B K GUNNER, 1659633, pointer male, by Stallion-Smak's Orange Crush. Sergio Velez, owner and handler.
2d-CARBONADO'S DIAMOND LINE, 1696373, pointer male, by Touch's Diamante-Empire On Line. Austin Turley, owner and handler.
3d-TOUCH'S AMAZING GREYCE, 1693629, pointer female, by Touch's Grey Street-Intentional. Austin Turley, owner and handler.
Judges: Ryan Jones and Megan Bastien
OPEN DERBY - 7 Pointers

1st-BK LOCKED N' LOADED, 1699229, pointer female, by BK Bonafide Stallion-BK Hirollins Wild. Sergio Velez, owner and handler.
2d-SOUTH BOUND, 1699297, pointer male, by Touch's Diamante-Ten Oaks Annie A. Pat Lewis, owner and handler.
3d-BK UNFORGIVEN, 1699366, pointer male, by Fastforward's BK Gunner-BK Northwest Express. Sam Handous owner' Sergio Velez, handler.