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Result: Middle Atlantic Open Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Lacey Township, New Jersey

Post Date: Jan 19, 2023

Submitted By: Joe Lordi

2022 Middle Atlantic OSDCF22

Middle Atlantic Open Shooting Championship Winners (from left): Harbor City Sure Shot with Matt Basilone and Hillhavyn's Wild Child with Jeanette Tracy. (Back, from left): Judge Lane Hodges, Karen Saniga, Lloyd Miller, Janet Hinkle, George Tracy, Muriel Primm, and Greg Strausbaugh.

The Middle Atlantic Championship was revived this year. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had issues securing grounds and dates to attract the professional trainers. This championship in the past was always run in the spring, but it was just not possible to secure a date that would work in the spring. The team of Joe Cincotta, Joe Lordi, and Muriel Primm worked together and found a time slot after the Northeastern Championship and before the National Amateur Pheasant Championship when we were able to run on Dr. A. Hunter Wilcox Field Trial Grounds in Greenwood Forest. The grounds are in Lacey Township, NJ, and they are some of the finest field grounds in the northeast.

We drew four professional trainers with 48 dogs. The club would like to give special thanks to the owners and handlers for the excellent support of this championship. We were very excited to see the support from Mike Tracy, George Tracy, Matt Basilone, and Jeanette Tracy. They helped make this championship a huge success.

The Southern Bird Hunters Association (SBHA) was the official sponsor of the Middle Atlantic Championship this year. This is an amazing organization that is extremely proactive in promoting field trials and getting sponsors involved in supporting field trials. Eukanubia, The Saddle Guy, Dogs Unlimited, Gun Dog Supply, Valu Pak, Kinetic, SportDog, Gundog Central, and James O'Neal Ram are very impressive sponsors. We are truly appreciative of SBHA's support of the Middle Atlantic Championship as well as all they are doing to prompt field trials. We look forward to a long relationship with this organization. A special thanks goes out to Lion Country Supply for providing generous gift cards for our judges.

We would like to thank our judges, Roger Dvorak of Elkton, Md., and Lane Hodges, of Whitt, Ga. Lane made the long trek from Georgia, leaving at 2 a.m. and not making it to New Jersey until 6 p.m.; this was a long trip, and we thank him for taking the time to come all the way up to New Jersey to judge. Both amateurs are well accomplished and have numerous placements at all levels of field trials. They set a consistent pace and gave every dog an equal opportunity to make their case for a title.
Muriel Primm was quick to offer to provide a lunch and dinner. She provided delicious hoagies for lunch on Saturday. Saturday night's dinner was catered by a local Italian restaurant, and the chicken marsala, sausage and peppers, pasta, and salad were enjoyed by all. Louise Wilcox provided amazing desserts, including pumpkin pie and whipped cream. Lunch on Sunday was homemade chicken salad made by Joe Cincotta; there was enough for an army. Karen Saniga provided an awesome dinner Sunday night, consisting of ham, macaroni, coleslaw, and brownies for dessert. The rest of the lunches and dinners were provided by the club with help from Muriel Primm, Karen Saniga, and Joe Lordi. We would like to thank everyone for all their help.

The club would like to thank Bob Brooks and Lloyd Miller for driving the dog wagon. They were always on the spot with the dogs. We would also like to thank Matt Basilone for picking up the birds every night for the next day's running. Bird planting was done by Joe Lordi and Ernie Saniga.
Unfortunately, the grounds do not have water, and with Hurricane Ian hitting Florida hard, we were unable to provide water on the grounds. Mark Janiec made multiple trips to provide thousands of gallons of water for all the participants over the 3 weeks. He went around and filled up everyone's water. We are truly thankful for this awesome gesture.
This was the first of four trials being run on the grounds. Joe Cincotta provided much help pretrial with setting dates, getting judges, making sure the birds would be there, planning the dog truck, designing the ads, working with SBHA, and doing everything else that is required to run a field trial. Thank you, Joe Cincotta, for all your help.
The Winners
The judges announced Harbor City Sure Shot handled by Matt Basilone and owned by Richard Gillis and Karen Lordi as the champion. This pointer male ran in the tenth brace with Iron Bully on Sunday afternoon. He scored a stylish find in the pines on the right at 5 minutes. As we hit Rocky's field, Sure Shot was standing on the right for another classy find at 11. He backed with all in order in the southern loop. Out of my sight, it was reported that he again was locked up for a find at 37 minutes and sent on. On the northern loop, he was again standing for the flush at 43. As we came back into the center from the outer loop, Sure Stood with all in order for the flush. Released to the front at 50, he tallied his final find at 59 minutes on the left before entering the southern inner loop. Matt provided a quick splash of water and finished the dog to the front.

Hillhavyn's Wild Child handled by Jeanette Tracy and owned by Joe McHugh was named runner-up champion. This pointer female impressed the judges with a strong, forward race. She swung to the front, hitting the required objectives. It was tough going for bird work in the beginning. She had one unproductive at 30 minutes. Wild Child's hard work paid off in the final 10 minutes with a classy covey find on the left going out the main breakaway field. On the strips to the left, she held strong for what I believe was the only live pheasant find of the trial. She was sent on and was again found standing in Rocky's field for her third and final find at 59 minutes. She was the only dog to finish on day one.
The Running
Saturday was just not the day to be drawn. Scenting conditions were not optimal as dogs struggled to find birds.

The first brace featured Miller's Big Iron (G. Tracy) and Miller's War Bonnet (M. Tracy). They were off and away with fine class, but little was seen before the trackers were called for by 15 minutes.

The Secret (J. Tracy) and Hauser's Rolling Thunder (M. Tracy) were released into Rocky's field. Rolling Thunder was standing high and tall, but as Mike flushed, he took a few steps and was up. The Secret was running a nice race, but with no birds the handler elected to pick up at 50.

Miller's Blazing Hot Chick (G. Tracy) and Jolene Jolene (M. Tracy) were off in the final brace on Saturday morning. Jolene was running a far and wide race, and Mike called for the tracker at 20. Hot Chick had a pretty find that required a well-applied relocation, but the handler elected to pick up before the hour finished.

After lunch, Cheyenne Jack (M. Tracy) attempted to make a change to bird finding. He had a pretty find, but on his second find while relocating a bird lifted and he stopped a step too late. Calico's Sky's The Limit (G. Tracy) had a find and two unproductives.

The next brace included Hillhavyn's Wild Child (J. Tracy) (written up under the winners) and Erin's Big Casino (M. Tracy). Erin's Big Casino, a big setter male with nice class on the ground, was picked up early.

Miller's Sweet Talking Candy (M. Tracy) and Miller's Special Cinderella (G. Tracy) were both nice running dogs but were picked up early with no bird work.

Trumped (M. Tracy) and Pine Straw Sweet Tea (J. Tracy) ran in the next brace. Trumped, making the trek down from the Region 1 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship, had a lapse of manners on a divided find in the northern loop. Sweet Tea suffered an unproductive. She stood stout for a tough situation on a divided find. She stood tight as the jumpy birds got up as Jeanette rode to the dog. She scored another stylish find and finished the hour out front.

Steel City Alabama (M. Basilone) and Miller's Locked and Loaded (G. Tracy) were off from the sand washout area. Miller's Locked and Loaded had one find and two unproductives before the handler picked up. Alabama was picked up with only a back at 40.

Miller's Strolling for Gold (G. Tracy) and Miller's Record Heat (M. Tracy) were featured in the final brace Sunday morning. Strolling for Gold scored stylish finds at 14, 26, and 37 and one back to finish the hour. Record Heat had one find before the handler elected to pick up.

Harbor City Sure Shot (M. Basilone) (written up under the winners) and Iron Bully (M. Tracy) were off and proved the birds were on the grounds. Bully had a covey find in the field off the breakaway. He ran to the front and stood with good manners for Mike to flush in Rocky's field. On the left side of the southern outer loop, Iron Bully had a find with Sure Shot backing; both were sent on at 20. Iron Bully was again standing on the northern loop with all in order as he watched the bird fly over his head. Iron Bully had a find on the right edge on the northern loop with good style. Iron Bully was standing on the far right on a dead pheasant still warm. In the pines, Iron Bully nailed his final stylish find of the hour. He finished the hour to the front.

The eleventh brace included Smoke N Mirrors (M. Basilone) and South Point Hog Wild (M. Tracy). Smoke N Mirrors was picked up with only a back. Hog Wild was running a wild race with George taking over for a bit. He scored three classy finds to finish the hour.

The final brace on Sunday had Miller's Just Plain Rowdy (G. Tracy) versus Waybetter Rebel (M. Tracy). Rowdy needed the tracker without any bird work. Rebel was locked tight for a stylish find on the left at 3. At 11, he scored another stylish find. As they headed toward the main breakaway, Rebel again stood for a find as a bird was seen running toward the road. Mike ran, and the bird was seen. Rebel stood again with fine style. Rebel suffered an unproductive at the end of Rocky's field. Rebel finished the hour with his final classy find at time.

The 13th brace featured Miller's Heat Seeker (G. Tracy) and Fort River Lucky Charm (M. Basilone). Lucky Charm was lost on the southern loop. Heat Seeker scored three perfectly handled finds with one unproductive and a hawk kill.

Triple Nickel Carbon Copy (M. Basilone) was lost at 25. Bittersweet War Cry (M. Tracy) ran a strong forward race with two stylish finds, finishing the hour out front.

Raag's Rich and Rare (M. Tracy) ran a good forward race with two perfect finds. RQ's Saddle (J. Tracy) needed the tracker at 28.

Miller's High Heat Index (M. Tracy) had one unproductive and a good race, but the handler elected to pick up before the hour was over. Miller's Automatic Upgrade (G. Tracy) was running a good race but succumbed to the temptation of the flight of the bird.

Waybetter Rocky (M. Tracy) and Ravenwood Charley (M. Basilone) ran Monday afternoon in the warmer conditions. Charley had two unproductives and was roped early. Rocky had five finds and an unproductive, finishing the hour out front.

The 18th brace pitted Bronco Bully (M. Tracy) versus Miller's Upgrading the Ante (G. Tracy). Bronco Bully suffered two unproductives, and Upgrading the Ante had a stylish find and an unproductive before being picked up early.

Reedy Creek Dial Tone (M. Tracy) and Saddle Ridge Thunder (J. Tracy) were unleashed to start Tuesday morning. Dial Tone showed perfect manners and style for the flush at 4, but both big running dogs needed the tracker at 30.

Hyphope Chipper (M. Basilone) and Bully Rock (M. Tracy) had a divided find at 15 minutes with good style and manners. Chipper had an unproductive at 31 before being leashed early. Bully Rock hunted the front with a stylish find at 49 and was picked up before the hour.

Steel Valley Raven (J. Tracy) and Faithful (M. Tracy) finished out Tuesday morning. Raven was locked up on finds at 12 and 35. She backed at 37 and suffered an unproductive at 46 when the handler elected to up. Faithful ran a strong forward race with four classy finds.

Steel City Avenger (J. Tracy) and Limbsmoke Urban Lullaby (M. Basilone) were off to start Tuesday afternoon. Avenger hit the ground hunting with three nice finds and a forward race but came up lame and was picked up by the trailers at 30 minutes. Lullaby was picked up at 40 with no bird contact.

Miller's Million Dollar Penny (G. Tracy) was making a strong case for a placement with two stylish finds and two backs with a big, forward race before shortening up just a bit at the end. Ravenwood Throwing Smoke (M. Basilone) had a stylish find before Matt called for the tracker.

Miller's Flowers and Lace (G. Tracy) and Miller's Extreme Heat (M. Tracy) were the swan song of this trial. Extreme Heat made some big, exciting moves but missed a turn on the northern loop, and the tracker was needed. Flowers and Lace nailed two finds, but the tracker was called for at 30.

The Bill Beyer Derby Classic was won by Backcountry Pure Gold handled by amateur Chris Catanzarite with four finds and a big, forward race to best the field of fifteen. Second was Iron Will's Raging Bull, a pointer male handled by Matt Basilone to two finds and a good, front running race.

The judges Lane Hodges and Kevin Joyce elected not to place a third dog.
The Middle Atlantic Amateur Shooting Dog Classic was run after the National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship and the Garden State Open stakes. This drew a healthy twenty-eight dogs. We would like to thank Dave McKay and Josh Ruiter for their time in the saddle.

The club would like to thank Matt Basilone for taking care of picking up the birds and planting them for the amateur trial. Special thanks go out to Bob Brooks and Lloyd Miller for handling the dog truck duties and making sure the dogs were ready for each brace. The club would also like to thank Joe Cincotta for all his work before and during the trial to make these trials a huge success.

The judges placed Harbor City Sure Shot first with three divided finds, one find, and one back. He displayed fine style and manners and a strong race for handler Marcus Ramseur. Marcus won a beautiful Jeff Haggis trooper saddle to commemorate this win. There was some discussion that this would be a fine gift for his daughter Sophia. Calico's Country Strong was named second with five stylish finds. She displayed perfect manners on all her finds and a good race for handler Alex Smith. Alex won a beautiful scabbard. He is the one amateur who will get great use out of the fine craftmanship from Jeff Haggis. Third place went to One Day La Bandita, who came all the way from Georgia; this is a classy pointer female that ran in the same brace as the winner. She scored three stylish divided finds and another perfect find, finishing the hour to the front. A custom-made roading harness by Haggis Saddles was awarded to Lane Hodges for his strong handling efforts.
Lacey Township, N. J., October 15 - One Course
Judges: Roger Dvorak and Lane Hodges

Winner-HARBOR CITY SURE SHOT, 1668549, pointer female, by R J's Long Shot-Harbor City Sugar. Richard Gillis & Karen Lordi, owners; Matt Basilone, handler.
Runner-Up-HILLHAVYN'S WILD CHILD, 1673693, pointer female, by Wild Sky-Hillhavyn's Showgir. Joe McHugh, owner; Jeanette Tracy, handler.
Judges: Lane Hodges and Kevin Joyce
BILL BEYER OPEN DERBY CLASSIC - 13 Pointers and 2 Setters

1st-BACKCOUNTRY PURE GOLD, 1694791, pointer male, by Springflow's Backcountry P-Backcountry Tornado. Chris Catanzarite, owner and handler.
2d-IRON WILL'S RAGING BULL, 1697738, pointer male, by Hyhope Chipper-Iron Will Suzie. Robert & Lisa Brooks, owners; Matt Basilone, handler.

2022 Bill Beyer ODF22

Bill Beyer Open Derby Winners (from left): Backcountry Pure Gold with Chris Catanzarite,
Ironwill's Raging Bull with Matt Basilone, and Marcus and Sophia Ramseur.

Judges: Dave McKay and Josh Ruiter
AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] - 25 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st-HARBOR CITY SURE SHOT, 1668549, pointer male, by R J's Long Shot-Harbor City Sugar. Richard Gillis & Karen Lordi, ownres; Marcus Ramseur, handler.
2d-CALICO'S COUNTRY STRONG, 1679850, pointer female, by Waybetter Rocky-Calico's Touch of Class. Calico Kennels, owner; Alex Smith, handler.
3d-ONE DAY LA BANDITA, 1684577, pointer female, by Heard Hill's Memory Lane-Dubose's Snow White. Lane Hodges, owner and handler.

2022 Middle Atlantic ClassicF22

Middle Atlantic Amateur Shooting Dog Classic Winners (from left): Harbor City Sure Shot with Marcus Ramseur, Alex and Braydon Smith with Calico's Country Strong, and One Day La Bandita with Lane Hodges. (Back, from left): Sophia Ramseur, Lloyd Miller, Judge Dave McKay,
Tiffani Smith, Judge Josh Ruiter, and Joe Cincotta.