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Result: Georgia Open Derby Classic and Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Waynesboro, Georgia

Post Date: Feb 28, 2022

Submitted By: Nell Mobley


Open Shooting Dog Championship Winners. From left: Champion Miller's Locked and Loaded with Mike Tracy, Runner-up Hatteras Rip Tide with Kaley Lee. Behind: Joe McHugh, J. Moser, Mary Kimbrell, Casey Hollander, Muriel Primm, Bill Primm, George Tracy, Nell Mobley, John Ray Kimbrell, Gary Futch, and Judges Hoss Early and John Outlaw.

WAYNESBORO, GA. -- Nestl Purina Pet Care continues to support our trials and has for many years. They provide feed certificates to all the winners as well as samples of ProPlan to all handlers, caps along with hand sanitizers.

The owner-handler dinner was sponsored by Purina. Fifty guests enjoyed grilled pork chops and the trimmings. Greg Blair, Purina area manager, has his heart in our sport. Banners were properly displayed on the stables and in the clubhouse.

The Burke County Chamber of Commers pays for the advertising in the American Field. Revenue is generated via proceeds from the hotel/motel tax. Ashley Roberts is the Executive President and does many things to support our trials.

An oyster roast hosted by the Chamber was held on Thursday evening. Sponsors were Salter Building Supply and Green-Ag. The annual fish fry was sponsored by the Tracys and their owners. Their dogs had won the 2021 stakes.

Serving as stake manager was John Ray Kimbrell of Fort Mill, S.C. For many years, he and Mary arrive at DiLane and homestead until the end of the Shooting Dog Championship.

Marshals for the trials were Georgia Association President Gary Fitch, Jack Kimbrell, and Austin Sherman. Jack and Austin are the grandsons of John Ray and Mary. They are very knowledgeable of the sport and are willing to do anything that needs to be done.

Release of pen-raised quail is a must for successful trials. In Mr. Henry Berol's days at DiLane, the trials were run with wild quail only.

Gene Ward picks up the birds at nearby Son Rise Farms daily. He bands each bird. This is a requirement of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Chuck Miller begins his day at 5:30 a.m. to release the birds on three courses. I do not know what we would do without the services of Gene and Chuck. Chuck also serves as "errand runner."

We were sad to lose Mack Carter at the age of 94 in May, 2021. Mack had driven the dog wagon for over forty years. John Ray stepped up to assume Mack's duties. Mickey Steward of Bird Dog Motors furnished a F250 pickup to pull the wagon.

The courses were in excellent condition. They were burned last spring along with mowing prior to the trials. Wildlife Technician Ryan Meckel has our sport at heart. He and his staff make certain that all is in order prior to the trials. We are fortunate to have Ryan in his position.

COVID-19 was ranging across our country, Burke County, and Waynesboro. To my knowledge, we escaped any cases.


Entries were down from previous seasons. For the Derby Classic, nineteen dogs were drawn. Riding in the judges' saddles to name the best three contenders were David Huffine of Wilmington, N.C., and George Kimbrell of Fort Mill, S.C.

Named in first place was Walden's Ridge Rain Storm, pointer female handled by Doug Ray for owner David Steele. Rain Storm started with a good forward race and held on with a strong race to finish the hour. All in order finds at 9, 21, 31, and 58. A nice two-year-old to watch.

Second place winner was also handled by Ray for owners Harold Ray and Jett Ferebee. I'm Spartacus, pointer male, started on the first course running to the front. Points at 11, 18, and 27 were positive with birds sighted. At 53 a relocation was required. He was credited with good style and a forward race.

Third place winner, pointer female Miller's Flowers and Lace, and braced with I'm Spartacus, was handled by George Tracy for owner Allen Linder. Lace started the hour at medium range but her race became stronger as the hour progressed.


The stake began with I'm Spartacus and Miller's Flowers and Lace. Their performances are noted earlier.

High Drive Icon (M. Tracy) was not pleasing handler and harnessed at 17. Multiple finds were recorded for Doug Ray's Walden's Ridge Rainstorm. Birds were raised at 9, 21, 31, and 58. The hour had a strong finish.

Grey River Bella (J. Tracy) started with a medium race with multiple good finds. An average forward race completed the hour. Way Better Rebel (M. Tracy) had hunting on his mind with finds at 2, 9, 17, 18, and 19. No birds were lifted at 46. Along with multiple finds, he was credited with a medium race.

The first brace after lunch had Real Thin Cuz (Rice) and Walden's Ridge Slapshot (Ray). Cuz started with a medium race, weaving to the side on occasion. A fruitless attempt at 10, followed with a nice find at 15 with a back of bracemate at 19. Another find at 55, finishing the hour. Slapshot had no game at 5, followed with a find at 19, finishing the hour to the front.

The fifth brace had Miller's Cinderella (G. Tracy) and JCL's Hap (Adams). Several things occurred with Cinderella. She was off to a good start with all-in-order birdwork at 2, 12, and 16, other than a slight movement when birds were flushed at 16. Hap started with a good race, pointed at 22 but went with birds at flush.

A short time for Miller's Automatic Up Grade (G. Tracy) and Jet's Riptide (Ray). Neither dog was pleasing their handlers and picked up. Up Grade was gone at 10 with a request oof the retrieval unit, with Ray electing to harness at 20.

Range Rover (M. Tracy) was up at 15 due to breach of manners. To Spot Tommy (Ray) had a big race, no bird work, and the unit requested at 47. No birds were seen at 12 and 20 for Calico's Sky's the Limit (G. Tracy). Following a second unproductive. Jeanette Tracy harnessed Steel Valley Raven.

Wiggins Pre Dawn Reward (Ray) was picked up at 32. High Drive Canon (M. Tracy) was taken up at 49, following finds at 7, 37, and 48. The last brace of competition was Midge's Miracle (Ray), as bye. He was not performing as capable with retrieval unit requested at 25.


Derby Classic Winners. From left: Austin Sherman, Walden's Ridge Rain with Kaley Lee, I'm Spartacus with Doug Ray, and Miller's Flowers and Lace with Mike Tracy, and Jack Kimbrell. Standing: John Outlaw, David Huffine (judge), Nell Mobley, George Kimbrell (judge), Hoss Early, Mary Kimbrell, John Ray Kimbrell, Gary Futch, Bill Primm, Muriel Primm, George Tracy, Lori Strausburg, Gary Strausburg, and Summers Pendarvis.

Waynesboro, Ga., January 11

Judges: David Huffine and George Kimbrell

GEORGIA OPEN DERBY CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] -- 19 Pointers

1st--WALDEN'S RIDGE RAIN STORM, 1692370, female, by High Drive Rocky--Walden's Ridge Chatter Box. David L. Steele, owner; Doug Ray, handler.

2d--I'M SPARTACUS, 1695668, pointer male, by Miller's Upgraded Version--Miller's Special Edition. Harold Ray & Jett Ferebee, owners; Doug Ray, handler.

3d--MILLER'S FLOWER'S LACE, 1696283, pointer female, by Miller's Upgraded Version--Miller's Special Edition. Allen R. Linder, owner; George Tracy, handler.


Newcomers to the Georgia stakes were Hoss Early of Richlands, N.C., and John Outlaw of Warsaw, N.C. Both judges rode intently to watch all dogs in competition.

Fifty-nine entries were drawn.

Miller's Locked and Loaded, pointer male, was name champion. He was handled for owners Bill and Muriel Primm by George Tracy. Loaded was a stylish dog on the ground, hunting in the right places. His first find was carded at 29 followed by a second at 44. When time was called, he was out front running strong.

Doug Ray handled Hatteras Rip Tide, setter male, to runner-up honors. He is owned by Jett Ferebee. This three-year-old was credited with finds at 10 and 15. He covered the course with a good strong race and was upfront at pickup.


Following the Derby Classic, the Shooting Dog stake began with two braces on Tuesday afternoon.

An abbreviated time for Just Win Chester (M. Tracy) and Diamond Hill Max (J. Tracy). Retrieval devices were requested at 46 and 16, respectively.

High Drive Fancy Pants (G. Tracy) and Showtime Dominator (Ray). No birds were seen when Pants pointed at 17. A second stand was witnessed at 24 but moved too much on the birds. Dominator had good finds at 10 and 16, not so luck at 22 when he went with the birds.

Miller's High Heat Index (M. Tracy) had an unproductive at 19 and went on to have a shared find at 56. The hour finished with a medium race. Land Cruiser Benny (J. Tracy) began with a medium range race pointing at 15 with all in order as gun was fired. He was credited with a divided find at 56 going on to finish the hour.

Drawn to run on course No. 2 were pointer males Bittersweet War Cry (M. Tracy) and J C L's Dal (Bill Adams). Cry showed well to the front with his forward race. Birds were in flight with finds at 28, 54, and 59, finishing the hour well. Dal started with a forward race. Point was called at 18 with all in order. He was missing before pickup.

Bluebar Pretty Boy (G. Tracy) was lost at 25. Hatteras Sandstorm (Ray). Point was called at 18 and 26, both good. He was out front when time was called.

Following a lunch of barbecue sandwiches provided by Craig Elliott of Salter Building Supply, The Secret (J. Tracy) and Miller's Braveheart (M. Tracy) were put to the ground. Both dogs performed about the same, beginning well but off to the side some. They shared a find at 32.

Raag's Rich and Rare (M. Tracy) and Miller's Upgrading the Ante (G. Tracy) were turned loose across the highway on course No. 2. Rare was a nice dog to watch, with all in order finds at 5 and 32. As the clock ticked, he was running strong until time was called. Ante was harnessed following a no-show at 15.

A short brace for Absolute Dominator (Ray) and Miller's War Bonnet (M. Tracy) when both went missing followed by handlers conceding at 15.

Erin's Big Casino (M. Tracy) had a breach of manners at 19 with Tracy taking up. Steel City Karen (J. Tracy) took well to the course but had no birds at 14. A dead bird was pointed at 5. A commendable piece of work followed at 54 on a wild covey.

Bronco Bully (M. Tracy) and Hatteras Riptide (Ray) were drawn in No. 10. Bully was picked up following a no-show at 15. Runner-up Hatteras Riptide was reported earlier.

Miller's Just Plain Rowdy (G. Tracy) was harnessed following an unproductive at 22. Jeanette Tracy requested retrieval unit at 16 for Steel City Avenger. South Pointe Hog Wild (M. Tracy) and Rockin Rebel Reb (Adams) were both lost.

Osceola's Seminole Wind (M. Tracy) and Dominator's Ghost Rider (Ray) shared a find at beakaway. At 15 Wind pointed a dead bird. Tracy chose to end his time at 49. Rider continued to cover the course with birds lifted at 30 and 38. Rider was missing at 51.

Miller's Locked and Loaded (G. Tracy) and Hillhaven's Wild Child (J. Tracy) were off on course No. 3, the last running of the day. Loaded ran an exceptionally strong race, with finds at 29 and 44 and was out front when time was called. Child was lost at 30.

Answered Prayers (M. Tracy) failed to honor Miller's Big Iron (G. Tracy) at 14. Following a second unproductive Iron was picked up.

A not so good performance in brace No. 16 for Miller's Record Heat (M. Tracy) and Hard Truth (Ray). Heat was not seen at 35 with a request for the device. Truth had an all-in-order find at 8 followed with a no-show of game at 11 and 33.

Mike Tracy's Bail Me Out had an unproductive at 4 and was not pleasing him at 19 resulting in harness. R Q's Saddle (J. Tracy) seemed to be doing her job with a positive back of bracemate at 4, continuing on with a nice find at 21. Dead feathers with a stand came at 27. Saddle stayed positive on her race and birds were lifted on a stylish point at 48. He could be seen out front running strong when the hour ended.

Miller's Unbridled Forever (M. Tracy) was lost at 20. Double de Deeva (J. Tracy) pointed a dead bird at 16. A good find at 13 was to her credit. Tracy picked her up following fruitless attempts to flush at 31 and 46.

George Tracy put down Miller's Triple Digit Heat on course No. 2. A find at 3 was followed with a request for the retrieval device at 16. Hatteras Storm Surge (Ray) had a no show of birds at 23, followed with a find at 37. He was not pleasing so handler elected to pick up.

Rocky River Show Master (M. Tracy) and Saddle Ridge Thunder (J. Tracy) were the last brace of the day. Show Master was off to a good start with an all-in order find at 14. No birds were seen at 33 and was lost at 50. Thunder was lost shortly after breakaway.

Pinestraw Sweet Tea (J. Tracy) had a nice find at 4. She finished her time with a medium race. Miller's Extreme Heat (M. Tracy) was lost early.

A short time for Gumbo Pete (Gellhaus) and Miller's Southern Gossip (G. Tracy). Pete was lost at 16. Bad luck for Gossip with a bird error at 41.

Goldberg (Daniels) was off to a good start with an all-in order find at 3 and a shared find at 7 and another at 12. He was not seen at pickup. Way Better Rocky (M. Tracy) had hunting on his mind. At 3 he backed his bracemate. A divided find at 7 followed with an all-in order piece of work at 19. Following a find at 47, his hour was finished to the front.

Brace No. 24 followed the lunch break on course No. 1. Gellhaus turned Lone Tree Showbiz loose. He quickly honored bracemate at 16. Gellhaus chose to harness Showbiz at 29. Faithful (M. Tracy) was up after a second unproductive.

Miller's Heat Seeker (G. Tracy) ran a nice forward race with finds at 8 and 22. At pickup, he could be seen to the front. Born Fourth July (Gellhaus) had a breach of manners at 8 and taken up.

Clouds were moving in with bad weather predicted as Reedy Creek Dial Tone (M. Tracy) and Sugar Knoll Warhawk (Daniels) were loosed. Dial Tone covered the course with a nice forward race with all in order finds at 30 and 52 finishing his time ahead. Warhawk was lost at 18.

Running of the final four braces of the stake was held up until 11:30 a.m. A pouring cold rain with sleet moved in Saturday night and continued on through Sunday morning. Even though it continued to rain with a strong wind, brace No. 25 was put to the test. Both Miller's Blazing Hot Chick (G. Tracy) and Thunder Fynnigan (Gellhaus) ran nice forward races and finished the hour, but went birdless.

Bully Rock (M. Tracy) had two commendable finds and a good race to complete the hour. Miller's Strolling for Gold (G. Tracy) was up at 50 following an error on birds.

Buck Daniels picked up Crow Creek Touch following an unproductive. Cheyenne Jack (M. Tracy) had no birds on a point and was picked up at 50. Iron Bully (Tracy), as a bye, and was taken up at 45 following a second show of no game.

Judges: Hoss Early and John Outlaw


[One-Hour Heats] -- 50 Pointers and 9 Setters

Winner--MILLER'S LOCKED AND LOADED, 1674986, pointer male, by Just Irresistible-Miller's Bring the Heat. Bill & Muriel Primm, owners; George Tracy, handler.

Runner-Up--HATTERAS RIP TIDE, 1690467, setter male, by Black Top--Joe Veeta. Jett Ferebee, owner; Doug Ray, handler.