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Result: Hell Creek Field Trial Club

Location: Blue Mountain, Mississippi

Post Date: Jan 31, 2023

Submitted By: Jeremy Taylor

Hell Creek Ama AAF22

Amateur All-Age. From left: Scott Little, (judge) Mike Small with Phillips Linebacker, Joe Hughes (judge) Mason Ashburn with Nosam's Little Big Town, Mike Lemons and Jeremy Taylor./i]

The 2022 running of the Hell Creek Trials began Thursday, October 27 at the Hell Creek Wildlife Management Area in Blue Mountain, Miss. The staff of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks had the grounds in good shape. We are very thankful for all that the MDWFP staff do for the field trials held at Hell Creek. We also want to thank Sportsman's Pride Dog Food for their sponsorship and dedication in making this and many other field trials possible. Gift cards for dog food were given to all placements in each stake of the amateur. Also, thanks are to be given to Mr. Shane Strickland of Cousins Oil Company for sponsoring delicious BBQ dinners during both the open and amateur. Brad Kennedy and Korry Rinehart did the lion's share of the work from marshalling to driving the dog wagon and whatever else that needed to be done. We greatly appreciate everyone's support of this trial.

Amateur Stakes
Fifty-eight dogs were drawn for the three amateur stakes. The amateur all age drew nineteen for judges Joe Hughes and Scott Little. Phillips Linebacker took the top spot with two finds and a strong race for Mike Small. Second place went to Game Heir with two finds and a good race for Fred Corder. Third place went to Nosam's Little Big Town with one find and a good race for Mason Ashburn. The amateur derby drew a huge field of twenty-three for judges Elton Bray and Hunter Clark. Taking first was Southern Shadows Rhett with one find and a good race for Lance Servais. Second was Nosam Silver Hank for T. Mason Ashburn and third was Southern Shadow's Bess for Lance Servais, Hank and Bess received their placements on ground race. The Jimmy Dale Downs Memorial Amateur Shooting Dog drew sixteen for judges Elton Bray and Hunter Clark. Taking the top spot was J Maple Lucy with one find and strong race for Joe Hughes. Second place was Taylor's Simply Southern with two finds and a nice race for Jeremy Taylor. Third place was Game On with one find and a good race for Kent Walker.
Open Stakes
The D. Hoyle Eaton Memorial Open All-Age began on Tuesday, November 1 with a starting field of twenty-five. This trial is run in memory of Mr. Hoyle Eaton whose vision and dedication to these grounds and the Hell Creek Field Trial Club may never be forgotten. Judges were brothers Harrison and Squire Lee of Union Springs, Ala. We want to thank them for their time and attention given to each competitor. Taking first for the second year in a row was Lester's Storm Surge pointer male owned by Tommy and Bonnie Hamilton of Sprinfield, Ky., and handled by Gary Lester. Storm Surge was credited with three stylish finds and a big all-age race to secure the top spot. Placing second was Nosam's Sweet Water pointer male owned by Jeff Busby of Milsap, Tex., and handled by Larry Huffman. Sweet Water ran a strong race with one find and back to claim his placement. Third place was Como Thunder pointer male owned by David and Rachel Russell of Como, Miss., and handled by Steve Hurdle. Thunder had two finds and a good race to claim third.
The Open Derby drew twenty-four. Placing first was Miller's King Poast owned by Jannie Chapman and handled by Gary Lester. King Post ran to the extremes to claim the top spot. (On a side note, another pro stated we could run here a month and not beat him.) Second place went to CS Dirty Harry owned by Tony and Becky Gibson and handled by Steve Hurdle. Third place was Browns Rebel Sunset owned by Matt Brown and also handled by Steve Hurdle. They were also placed on well applied ground races. Thanks again to everyone who supported this trial.
Blue Mountain, Miss., October 27
Judges: Joe Hughes and Scott Little
AMATEUR ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] - 16 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st-PHILLIPS LINEBACKER, 1695679, pointer male, by Phillips Off Line-Phillips Silver Lady. Nathan Phillips, owner; Mike Small, handler.
2d-GAME HEIR, 1691409, pointer male, by Dominator's Rebel Heir-Game Snow. Fred Corder, owner and handler.
3d-NOSAM'S LITTLE BIG TOWN, 1692704, pointer male, by Nosam's Sweet Water-New Hope Pat. T. Mason Ashburn & Earl Connolly, owners; T. Mason Ashburn, handler.

Hell Creek Ama. DerbyF22

Amateur Derby. From left: Hunter Clark (judge) Lowry Strickland, Lance Servais with Southern Shadows Rhett, Brody Taylor, Brian Peterson with Southern Shadow's Bess, Jeremy and Mabry Taylor and Elton Bray (Judge).

Judges: Elton Bray and Hunter Clark
AMATEUR DERBY - 20 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st-SOUTHERN SHADOWS RHETT, 1700853, pointer male, by Lester's Prime Poison Lane-Southern Ritz lane. Lance Servais, owner and handler.
2d-NOSAM SILVER HANK, 1702034, pointer male, by Phillips Off Line-Nosam's Patchwork. T. Mason Ashburn, owner and handler.
3d-SOUTHERN SHADOWS BESS, 1700849, pointer female, by Touch's Malcolm Story-Beane's Sky Liner. Lance Servais, owner and handler.

Hell Creek Jimmy Dale DownsF22

Jimmy Dale Downs Memorial Amateur Shooting Dog. From left: Brad Kennedy, Hunter Clark (Judge) Joe Hughes with J Maple Lucy, Brody, Jeremy and Maby Taylor with Taylor's Simply Southern, Lowry Strickland with Game On, Kent Walker and Elton Bray (judge).

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] - 14 Pointers and 2 Setters
1st-J MAPLE LUCY, 1681755, pointer female, by J Maple Jake-J M Storm Cat. Joe Hughes, owner and handler.
2d-TAYLOR'S SIMPLY SOUTHER, 1657191, pointer female, by Miller's Happy Jack-Blue Collar Lady. Jeremy & Tammy Taylor, owners; Jeremy Taylor, handler.
3d-GAME ON, 1652764, pointer male, by River City Gambler-Memphis Southern Belle. Joe & Kent Walker, owners; Kent Walker, handler.
Judges: Harrison Lee and Squire Lee
D. HOYLE EATON MEMORIAL OPEN ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] - 24 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st-LESTER'S STORM SURGE, 1681624, pointer male, by Ransom-Beane's Line Dancer. Tommy & Bonny Hamilton, owners; Gary Lester, handler.
2d-NOSAM'S SWEET WATER, 1682042, pointer male, by Whippoorwill Mayhem-House's House's Fly. Jeff Busby, owner; Larry Huffman, handler.
3d-COMO THUNDER, 1687714, pointer male, by Skyfall-Catch Me Dot. David & Rachel Russell & Doug Arthur, owners; Steve Hurdle, handler.

Hell Creek D. Hoyle EatonF22

D. Hoyle Eaton Memorial Open All-Age. From left: Brad Kennedy, Jannie Chapman, Gary Lester, Korry Rinehart with Lester's Storm Surge, judges Harrison Lee and Squire Lee, Steve Hurdle with Como Thunder, Billy Blackwell and Rachel and Anniston Russell.

OPEN DERBY - 23 Pointers and 1 Setter
1st-MILLER'S KING POAST, 1702090, pointer male, by Lester's Storm Surge-R W Susie Q. Jannie Chapman, owner; Gary Lester, handler.
2d-C S DIRTY HARRY, pointer male, breeding not given. Tony & Becky Gibson, owners; Steve Hurdle, handler.
3d-BROWN'S REBEL SUNSET, 1701759, pointer male, by Osceola's Rebel Chief-Ransom's Pearl. Matt Brown, owner; Steve Hurdle, handler.

Hell Creek ODF22

Open Derby. From left: Gary Lester, Korry Rinehart with Miller's King Poast, Harrison Lee (judge) Squire Lee with C S Dirty Harry and Steve Hurdle with Brown's Rebel Sunset.