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Result: National Red Setter Championships

Location: Pinckneyville, Illinois

Post Date: Feb 8, 2023

Submitted By: Bonnie Hidalgo

Natl RS OpenCHampF22

National Red Setter Championship (front row, from left): Dennis and Bonnie Hidalgo with Firefly's Power Play and Ed Liermann with Cedar Creek Sixgun. (Back row, from left): Clayton Thompson, Roger Boser, Kelli Aitken, Judge Alan Benson, Linda and Don Beauchamp, Judge Jarrett Bell, Allison Bell, Wendy Schafer, and Sam Nutting.

Firefly's Power Play won the Red Setter National Championship at Illinois' Pyramid State Park with an exceptional all age race and two perfect finds. Power Play or Puck as he is called, is owned by 16-year-old Robbie Nesson and his Grandparents, Dennis and Bonnie Hidalgo of Brighton, Colo. Dennis handled the 7-year-old Irish Setter male to the title. Cedar Creek Sixgun was named runner-up for owner-handler Ed Liermann of Palmyra, Wis. Sixgun, a 5-year-old Irish setter male, ran a big, predominantly forward race and scored one very nice find.

In the National Amateur Red Setter Championship, Cedar Creek Sixgun gave a splendid, two find performance to capture the Championship for Ed Liermann. Dawson's High Chaparral was Runner-up with a big, edge running race and a covey find. "Luke" is owned by Dennis and Bonnie Hidalgo and was handled by Dennis.

The drawing was held on Sunday evening, November 6 at the Oshkosh, Wis., home of Milt and Wendy Schafer. Entries closed on the afternoon of the 5th. Milt and Wendy conducted the drawing and prepared the running orders for all participants. Each of the Championship stakes drew twelve dogs. The supporting stakes were an Open Derby, Open Walking Shooting Dog, and an Open Walking Derby. Each of these stakes drew six entries. This fall's entries came from Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, and Pennsylvania.

The National Red Setter Club's 2022 National Championship trial kicked off on Wednesday morning, November 9, near Cutler, Ill. The Pyramid State Park's Captain area was the site. The grounds were well groomed, the parking lot, clubhouse, barn, and corrals were tidy. The NRSFTC greatly appreciates the work of the State personnel who manage and groom this area. Local field trialers also play a huge part in the maintenance and improvement of the facilities. Three one-hour courses were utilized for each of the National Red Setter Championships. These courses are laid out by members of the local trial clubs.

We were fortunate to have Don Heisner come out to show our bird planter the rounds and then assist him with the plant on the first day of the event. Jon Lam marshalled the first morning to make sure we all knew the route. These two gentleman were indispensable to the National Red Setter trial's success.

The Red Setter Open Derby was held Friday upon the conclusion of the Amateur Championship; it was conducted over continuous courses. The Red Setter Open Walking Shooting Dog and the Red Setter Open Walking Derby stakes were conducted over out-and-back courses which covered a portion of the first hour course. Birds were planted every morning on all courses; there were also a few native pheasant and quail found on course. The trial completed late on the afternoon of November 11, just as rain was beginning to fall. The next morning the grounds were covered in snow.

Judges for the entire trial were Jarrett Bell of Troy, Mo., and Alan Benson, a well-known local trialer from the Cutler, Ill., area. These gentlemen were a pleasure to be around and were courteous and knowledgeable in their judicial roles. The club greatly appreciates their time and attention. Jarrett Bell was accompanied by his wife, Allison; they train and campaign their own dogs. They have won numerous championships with their Vizslas and are now starting to make a mark with a nice young pointer. Their kennel name is Big Gun Kennels and their dog's names bear the BGK prefix. Alan Benson has been training and trialing all-age pointers as a successful amateur for years. He has chaired many field trials in this Southern Illinois area, going back to the Rend Lake days. Alan has a cheerful personality and a good knowledge of class bird dogs.

The National Red Setter Field Trial Club is extremely grateful for its generous and faithful sponsors, Purina, Garmin and SportDOG! Purina is a fabulous company with an incredible product in Purina Pro Plan, which keeps our dogs in optimal performance condition. We appreciate the quality of their product and the company's dedication to the sport of field trials. Greg Blair and Terry Trzcinski represent Purina well, they are always very helpful to clubs and individuals. Purina provided dog food for the winners of this trial, which was happily received by all. The Club held its Purina sponsored banquet on Thursday evening at Alongi's Italian restaurant in Du Quoin. The banquet was well attended but the absence of Terry Trzcinski was noted; he was greatly missed. Thank you, Purina, Greg, and Terry, for all you do for us!
Garmin provided their highly sought-after products for the winners of the National and National Amateur Championships. The NRSFTC is pleased to receive the support of Garmin, it adds greatly to the success of the event. The Club really appreciates Garmin's continued contribution!

SportDOG donates product for fund raising which aids in the trial's financial column, especially in these inflated times. We appreciate our relationship with Jim Morehouse, SportDOG's well-loved representative. Jim is always willing to teach someone how to best use the SportDog products and to help with product support. Thank you, SportDog!

Ed Liermann was trial chairman and once again did an excellent job of organizing the event. He lined up Don Heisner and Jon Lam to familiarize participants with this fall's course design. Milt Schafer was the man of the hour, or more accurately, man of the hours. He arrived early every morning to start planting birds at first light. Milt would finish bird planting and put on his dog wagon hat. He manned the dog wagon nearly every brace. Milt was assisted on the first day by Don Heisner, at other times he was aided by Don Beauchamp, Sam Nutting and Roger Boser. Dennis Hidalgo drove the dog wagon during the Walking Shooting Dog stake.

The dog wagon personnel were kind enough to release dogs every brace to make things easier for the handlers and scouts. This was appreciated by those with bad knees! Ed Liermann marshalled many of the braces after Jon Lam set the example. Ed was aided on occasion by Dennis Hidalgo. Wendy Schafer served scrumptious lunches in the clubhouse every day. Linda Beauchamp helped with the meals and covered her duties as Club Treasurer. Wendy provided cookies for the dog wagon as did Dennis.

The group gathered every evening during the trial for dinner and camaraderie. The board of directors met for an informal meeting on the eve of the trial. Pizza was served prior to the meeting to all trial attendees. It was board member Dean Reinke's 75th birthday; Linda surprised him with one of her beautifully decorated cakes. It tasted even better than it looked. Garth Sellen came down for a brief visit on Thursday and stayed for the Purina banquet that evening. Garth normally helps the club with its trials but due to his mother's health, a brief visit was all he could manage. We were all happy to see him and we wish his mother well. Clayton Thompson and his wife, Kelli Aitken were a positive addition to the event. Clayton scouted for Kelli's dogs, and she scouted for others when needed. The newlyweds were quick to lend a hand wherever they could. Dennis cooked a complimentary dinner for all on Wednesday evening at the clubhouse. On Friday evening, he again cooked for those who hadn't made alternate plans. Homemade apple and peach cobblers were dessert each of those evenings. It was a most enjoyable trial with everyone helping each other and pitching in to help the trial to be a success.

National Red Setter Championship

The Champion, Firefly's Power Play (aka Puck) drew the first brace. He thrilled with a big, forward race. He ran the edges, making some fantastic moves, disappearing at times but always showing to the front. His race had a steady flow, he handled responsively despite the far range of his moves. Puck scored his first find on the corner of the tree lines at 18; displaying high style on both ends and flawless manners. His second find came at 38; relocation was required, which he performed promptly. A covey was flushed while the dog remained high and tight. Puck made a huge move around the cornfield on the wood's edge and showed well to the front. Firefly's Power Play finished his hour with plenty of fuel left in his tank. He had set an early mark that none would equal.

Firefly's Power Play was whelped September 18, 2015, his dam, Firefly's Hot Tip was the 2011 Red Setter Futurity winner and a multiple shooting dog stake winner, she was sired by the Champion all age dog, Aiken. Power Play was sired by runner-up Champion Flintstone, a son of the great Champion and Hall of Fame member, Breakstone. Puck has proven to be a worthy product of his bloodlines. This is Firefly's Power Play's fourth Championship win; he also holds one runner-up title. He was bred by Dennis and Bonnie Hidalgo, Brighton, Colo., and is owned by them and their grandson, Robbie Nesson of Sun Prairie, Wis.

Cedar Creek Sixgun took runner-up with a big race which saw him out of pocket occasionally. He scored a beautiful find at 35; he showed extreme style and nice manners throughout. Sixgun finished his hour in the far corner of field three, still powering on. He is owned, trained, and handled by Ed Liermann, Palmyra, Wis.


Firefly's Power Play (Hidalgo) and Come Back Delta Dawn (Aitken). Power Play won this stake, and a description of his performance is given above. Delta was predominantly forward with a snappy gait. She went without game contact.

Waycross (Boser) and Cedar Creek Sixgun (Liermann). Waycross was strong to the front and was eventually lost. Sixgun's performance earned him runner-up honors and is listed above.

Windfall (Boser) and Firefly's Beeline (Hidalgo). Windfall ran a good forward race until the heat of the day took its toll on him and he was picked up at 30. Beeline was out of pocket a few times before her handler opted to pick up at 38.

Dawson's High Chaparral (Hidalgo) and Quantonas Reciprocal (Aitken). Luke was forward from the start but was gone when the course turned left and was not recovered under judgement. Reason ran a beautiful, consistently forward race. She pointed in the cornfield but looked strange, sure enough she had a skunk which thankfully left without discharging. She could have been a contender if she had contacted birds.

Gratitude (Boser) and Cedar Creek Shindig (Liermann). Gratitude was strong and forward but was under a bird at 32. Shindig was incredibly fast and was difficult to keep track of. She was eventually lost.

Firefly's Lucky Penny (Hidalgo) and CHK Rolling Rock (Aitken). Lucky notched a find in the first minute, then hunted close for a bit. She got over that to make some big moves, but she forgot to handle and was picked up before the hour elapsed. Not much was seen of Rock.

Natl RS AmChampF22

National Red Setter Amateur Championship (front row, from left): Bonnie Hidalgo with Cedar Creek Sixgun and Dennis Hidalgo with Dawson's High Chaparral. (Back row, from left): Judge Alan Benson, Ed Liermann, and Judge Jarrett Bell.

Pinckneyville, Ill., November 9
Judges: Jarrett Bell and Alan Benson
NATIONAL RED SETTER CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 12 Irish Setters

Winner-FIREFLY'S POWER PLAY, 1664073, male, by Flintstone-Firefly's Hot Tip. Robbie Nesson & Bonnie Hidalgo, owners; Dennis Hidalgo, handler.
Runner-Up-CEDAR CREEK SIXGUN, 1677430, male, by Come Back Magic-Come Back Lady Soul. Ed Liermann, owner and handler.

National Red Setter Amateur Championship

Cedar Creek Sixgun put on a performance which left no doubt that he would be named the National Amateur Champion. He ran course two as a bye dog on Thursday afternoon. He showed well on the edges, racing quickly along. At 18, he pointed birds no other had found this trial. He showed fine style and excellent manners. Sixgun disappeared briefly after his find, only to show forward on the same edge. Sixgun made you sit up in your saddle. He missed a turn at 40 but was returned to the front at 45. Sixgun made a bold move to a far line and disappeared late in the hour. Just after the hour elapsed, his handler called point. His birds were flushed while he stood attractively.

Cedar Creek Sixgun was whelped August 14, 2017, out of Joe Edward's fast and snappy, Come Back Lady Soul. Sixgun's sire is Come Back Magic, a multiple winner of shooting dog and all-age stakes. Sixgun was bred by Joe Edwards and is owned and handled by Ed Liermann of Palmyra, Wis. This National Amateur win is Sixgun's second American Field Championship, he also holds the runner-up title won earlier in this trial.

Dawson's High Chaparral, aka Luke, was fast forward from the release and showed from time to time, predominantly to the front, always on an edge. He came out of the lake on the right in time for a mannerly back at 18. Released from the honor Luke, along with his bracemate, hit the forward edge and went left. Coming up the line, they pointed at 21 with Luke a few steps to the rear. The bracemate corrected on, but Luke remained; it proved unproductive. Luke continued to be forward in pattern, using the edges quickly and wisely. After the road crossing, he took the east edge to its end, then went up the south edge where at 48 he pointed a wild covey. It was an excellent piece of work. He finished forward in the cornfield.

Dawson's High Chaparral was whelped on April 18, 2013. His dam was Champion Kindle, a daughter of the great Champion Breakstone. Luke was sired by Runner-up Champion Chaperon who in turn was sired by Champion Chaparral. Dawson's High Chaparral was bred by Bonnie and Dennis Hidalgo and was sold as a pup to Gailen Cooper who gave him a good start. Gailen gifted Luke, as a young dog, to Larry Meek's grandson, Dawson who put Luke's first placement on him as a Derby. He was purchased by Bonnie and Dennis when Dawson's focus turned to baseball. Luke holds one Championship and two runner-up titles.

Gratitude (Boser) and Dawson's High Chaparral (Hidalgo). Luke took runner-up, his hour is described above. Gratitude was forward with power from the beginning. At 18, he slammed on point, to the front. All was in order. Gratitude took the forward edge around to the left, pointed, then corrected on at 21. Gratitude was rough handling and was absent for a time. He returned at 50, going on to finish strong and forward.

Waycross (Boser) and Cedar Creek Shindig (Liermann). Waycross ran a huge race with some difficulty in handle but went the hour mainly forward. He pointed at 18 but no birds were produced. He pointed again at 56 in a location birds had been previously, but none were found. Shindig showed her incredible speed with a far forward race. She was out of pocket a couple times before she vanished, and her handler pulled the tracker at 41.

Red Bird's The Fifth Element (Aitken) with Firefly's Beeline (Hidalgo). Griffin pointed stylishly at 9 but it was not productive. He ran an attractive, front running race until the heat took its toll on him and he was picked up at 35. Beeline ran a strong race, mostly forward with an excursion or two. She pointed at 44, high on both ends. She self-relocated during the flush attempt and was up.

Firefly's Power Play (Hidalgo) and Quantonas Reciprocal (Aitken). These two ran fast and forward. Reason scored on a covey at 1, she displayed superb style and manners. Puck pointed quail at 17, with style through flush and shot. Reason honored nicely. Puck made a big move on the edge before the road crossing that took him wide left. He was found on point in Field 3 on the east edge. Reason appeared and backed naturally. The call for point was heard only by Reason's scout who rode to get the handlers and judges. The dogs stood mannerly for over 10 minutes while awaiting the handlers. Relocation was necessary and Kelli took her dog on while Puck successfully relocated a covey. Unfortunately, he took steps on the flush and was picked up at 55. Reason went on to finish nicely forward.

Windfall (Boser) and Cedar Creek Sixgun (Liermann). Sixgun's winning performance is conveyed in "The Winner's". Windfall was scratched.

Firefly's Lucky Penny (Hidalgo) and Come Back Delta Dawn (Aitken) ran on Friday morning. Lucky ran the edges, showing an effortless gait. She was out of pocket twice during the hour, showing on the left the first time and appearing in the front on the other. She ran a big race. Lucky pointed just before time but all that was found were pheasant feathers. Delta ran a forward pattern although at lesser range than her bracemate. Delta scored a perfect find on a pair of pheasants at 53. At 55, she styled up beautifully, a covey was flushed for her while she remained high and tight. She completed the hour going away.
Winner-CEDAR CREEK SIXGUN, 1677430, male, by Come Back Magic-Come Back Lady Soul. Ed Liermann, owner and handler.
Runner-Up-DAWSON'S HIGH CHAPARRAL, 1657988, male, by Chaperon-Kindle. Dennis & Bonnie Hidalgo, owners; Dennis Hidalgo, handler.

Natl RS openDerbyF22

Red Setter Open Derby (front row, from left): Roger Boser with Wayward,
Bonnie Hidalgo with Cedar Creek Jules, and Kelli Aitken with Quantonas Running Mate.
(Back row, from left): Ed Liermann, Judge Alan Benson, Judge Jarrett Bell, and Dennis Hidalgo.

Red Setter Open Derby
Wayward won the Red Setter Open Derby for his owner and handler, Roger Boser of Seven Valleys, Pa. Wayward moved gracefully and ran a consistently forward race.
Cedar Creek Jules, owned and handled by Ed Liermann placed second. She was classy with a good gait but needed more maturity in her hunting pattern.
Quantonas Running Mate was awarded third. This young female is owned and handled by Kelli Aitken of Box Elder, S. D. Pence, as she is called, showed great ground speed in an attractive, predominantly forward race.
1st-WAYWARD, 1699503, male, by Waycross-Stilleto. Roger W. Boser, owner and handler.
2d- CEDAR CREEK JULES, unreg., female, by Cedar Creek Sixgun-Cedar Creek Copper River. Ed Liermann, owner; Sam Hutting, handler.
3d-QUANTONAS RUNNIN MATE, 1699159, female, by Come Back Trump-Quantonas Reciprocal. Kelli Aitken, owner and handler.

Red Setter Open Walking Shooting Dog
The winner of this stake was Red Bird's The Fifth Element handled by Kelli Aitken and owned by Kelli Aitken and Kristi Gallino. Griffin was steadily forward at good range for the entire brace. He scored a pretty find at 9, displaying excellent style and manners.
Cedar Creek MacArthur Ruby owned and handled by Milt Schafer did a pleasing job on the ground, handling responsively and staying mostly forward. She found no game which precluded her from the placements.
The remaining entries were picked up for indiscretions on game.

Natl RS Open WalkingSDF22

Red Setter Open Walking Shooting Dog (from left): Ed Liermann, Judge Alan Benson, Kelli Aitkin with Red Bird's The Fifth Element, Judge Jarrett Bell, and Bonnie and Dennis Hidalgo.

1st-RED BIRD'S THE FIFTH ELEMENT, 1687076, male, by Eshod's Barn Burner-Red Bird's River Wild. Kristen & Nicholas Ennis, owners; Kelli Aitken, handler.

Red Setter Open Walking Derby
Cedar Creek Jules, owned by Ed Liermann and handled by Sam Nutting was the clear winner of this stake. Jules ran a pleasant race, handling well and using the cover. Jules scored one find; she pointed with high style.

Firefly's Pancho owned by Dennis and Bonnie Hidalgo and handled by Dennis was second. Pancho was shorter in range and less confident in his hunting than the winner. He had one find, pointing with nice style and holding until the bird flushed.
Third place went to Cedar Creek Jake owned and handled by Sam Nutting of Indianola, Ia. Jake is a snappy young dog that hunted and handled kindly.
1st-CEDAR CREEK JULES, 1702275, female, by Cedar Creek Sixgun-Cedar Creek Copper River. Ed Liermann, owner; Sam Hutting, handler.
2d-FIREFLY'S PANCHO, 1698952, male, by Firefly's Goal Tender-Firefly's Calamus. Dennis & Bonnie Hidalgo, owners; Dennis Hidalgo, handler.
3d-CEDAR CREEK JAKE, unreg., male, breeding not given. Sam Nutting, owner and handler.

Natl RS open walkingDerbyF22

Red Setter Open Walking Derby (from left): Milt Schafer with Cedar Creek Jules, Judge Alan Benson, Bonnie and Dennis Hidalgo with Firefly's Pancho, Judge Jarrett Bell, and Sam Nutting with Cedar Creek Jake.