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Result: National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Covington, Indiana

Post Date: Feb 9, 2023

Submitted By: Adam Delude

Natl Walking SD Ch.F22

National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship Winners (front row, left to right): Craig Hiatt with Champion Craig's Runin Roxie, David Cates with Runner-up Champion Dave's Sho Me Motu, and Dave and Gail Emert. (Back row, left to right): Purina Manager Greg Blair, Judge William Smith, Brad Hargis, Kerri Elfvin, John Vanada, Holly Hatfield, Host and Field Marshal Keith Wright, Judge Mike Jackson, Greg Isenberg, Tim Penn, Reporter Adam Delude, John Hott, and Bobby Phillips.

The 2022 AFTCA National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship was run November 11th-13th at Keith Wright's Redwood Farm, near Covington, Ind.

The Redwood Farm is the perfect place to show a walking shooting dog with rolling hills, edges, feed strips and plenty of cover that gives the opportunity for dogs to make moves while staying completely in tune with the handler. Most importantly there was no shortage of birds again as every brace had bird contact with many having multiple covey finds. The field was filled with tough competition full of numerous champions and many that will have their day soon enough. The Wrights did it again knocking their hospitality out of the park being the best hosts of any field trial I've ever attended and from the feedback received I don't think I was alone in that belief. Thank you to each and every handler who traveled from all over to make this a great Championship.

Our Champion, Craig's Runin Roxie, came from the final brace on the first day - the 8th brace. After her brace mate was picked up for failing to back at 15 she had the course to herself. Her application was consistently forward at a nice walking shooting dog range requiring very little handling. During her hour she had 6 pieces of bird work (14, 28, 38, 42, 43, 56) which she handled like a champion should.

Our Runner-up Champion, Dave's Show Me Mo Tu, came out of brace 11. Tu's application was again consistently forward and well suited for a walking shooting dog. Tu finished the hour with 5 finds at 5, 14, 24, 36 (great lengthy relocation), 48 and a rabbit at 58.
We want to thank the judges who took time out of their busy schedules to come and watch this great field of dogs while giving their utmost attention to each dog over the weekend...Mike Jackson from Battle Ground, Ind., and William Smith from Tennessee.

We'd like to also thank our sponsors for their continued support, Purina and Garmin provided dog food and collars for our Champion and runner-up Champion.


Brace No. 1--Touch's Mac Daddy had finds at 49, 58, and at time, along with a stop to flush at 44. Alliwood's Shady Shay was picked up at 15 for a mishap on birds.

Brace No. 2--Treasure Chest had finds at 5, 11, 19, and 27, and an unproductive at 6 and 31. Tenacee Rowdy had a mishap on birds at 4.

Brace No. 3--Cates Rocket Girl was picked up on manners at 6. Foxy Lady Sadie had finds at 4, 9, and 15 and unproductives at 33 and 45.

Brace No. 4--Twiggy had finds at 1, 18, 31, 39, 43, 48, 57, a stop to flush at 24, a back at 5, and an unproductive at 4. Penrosa Hidncash had an unproductive at 5 and failed to back at 15.

Brace No. 5--Emert's Sho Me Mo had finds at 11 and 17 and an unproductive at 6. A report on bracemate My Way Little Bud was unavailable; our apologies.

Brace No. 6--Blair's Calvary Mountain had a find at 9 and picked up on manners at 25. Beaucoup Creek Buck had finds at 4, 11, and a divided find at 9.

Brace No. 7--Hirollins Gone And Doneit had finds at 6, 13, 19, 52, and an unproductive at 32. The tracker was requested for bracemate Tenacee Franklin at 19.

Brace No. 8--Chippewa's Dog Of War failed to back at 14. Craig's Runin Roxie had finds at 14, 28, 38, 42, 43, and 56. The champion's performance has been described.

Brace No. 9--Shaboom had a find at 5. Bracemate Emert's Grouseringer T had a find at 4. The remainder of this brace is unavailable; the reporter was in the next brace.

Brace No. 10--Bob's Elhew Holly finished the hour with multiple finds. The reporter handled bracemate Alliwood's Great Journey, which had a find at 42 and unproductives at 20 and 55.

Brace No. 11--Dave's Sho Me Motu had finds at 5, 14, 24, 48, and 36 (a lengthy relocate), then a rabbit at 54. The runner-up champion's performance was described earlier. The
tracker was requested for Hirollins B K Bushwacker at 18.

Brace No. 12--Maggie May had finds at 8, 10, 19, 38, and an unproductive at 15. Full Red Afterburn was picked up at 5 for manners.

Brace No. 13--The tracker was requested for Beaucoup Creek Gus at 20. Bluegrass Unbridled was picked up for manners at 4.

Brace No. 14--Hargis Diamond Draw was picked up on manners at 10. The tracker was requested for Penrosa Behrdevil at 15.

Brace No. 15--Bob's Elhew Sushi had a find at 16, a divided find at 22, and a rabbit at 27. The handler picked up as she was not pleasing him. Good Reason Farkleberry had finds at 10, 30, 38, 46, and a divided find at 22 with a back at 16.

No field trial is complete without a great team of workers. This year's championship was no exception. I would like to personally thank Keith and Jessica Wright, John and Jill Wright, and John Vanada for all their help. Keith rode every brace and helped each handler navigate the course, and John handled dog wagon duties over the weekend, always there when we needed them. Jessica, John, and Jill provided top-notch hospitality and prepared meals. There is one guarantee that if you ever get the chance to run a trial at Redwood, you will not leave hungry! The Redwood team ensured we were fed well all weekend with breakfast, lunches, and dinners
each day. Friday night's Purina steak dinner was held at the Beef House Restaurant in Covington, Ind.
Covington, Ind., November 11 - One Course
Judges: Mike Jackson and William Smith
NATIONAL WALKING SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 20 Pointers, 8 Setters and 2 Irish Setters

Winner-CRAIG'S RUNIN ROXIE, 1665573, pointer female, by Mac's Silver Dollar-Hilo Southern Tea. Craig Hiatt, owner and handler.
Runner-Up-DAVE'S SHOW ME MOTU, 1687047, setter male, by Emert's Show Me Mo-Emert's Drivin Miss Daisy. David Cates, owner and handler.