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Result: Bama Quail Classic

Location: Tuskegee, Alabama

Post Date: Feb 22, 2023

Submitted By: William Goodwin

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For 23 years, we have conducted this trial on grounds owned by Mr. Gary Fuller. His contribution to our club and the field trial sport is greatly appreciated. Nestl Purina has been a sponsor of this trial since the beginning. Purina's involvement and the support from their representative, Mr. Greg Blair, are appreciated.

Bucky and Meredith Street and Tommy and Connie Hicks provided lunches during the amateur stakes. Winnie Martino prepared lunches for the open Stakes. Mark Hinote and Lyle Pittman provided gumbo and fried grouper on Friday and Saturday nights. As always, the food was excellent and appreciated by all attending.

Club members groomed the grounds, judged, planted birds, and performed the numerous other tasks that go with hosting a field trial. Thank you to our members for making the trial a success.

Judges for the Amateur Derby were Darron Hendley and Bucky Street. First place, with a strong forward race, was awarded to Erin's Mason Man, handled by Roger Key. Second place was Erin's Johnny Be Good, handled by Alan Atkins, and third place went to Quail Roost Rewind, handled by Dr. Susan Wells. Thank you to the judges, as they had quality performances to separate.

The Amateur Shooting Dog had 20 entries for judges John Neely and Bill Clem to evaluate. First place was awarded to Twin Willow Passion, handled by Addison McDuffie. This was a popular decision as Addison is one of our youth handlers. She confidently handled her dog and showed the judges a smooth, forward race with quality bird work. Second place went to Pineywood's Legacy, handled by Darron Hendley. Legacy was strong in his application and had two good finds. Third place was Heard Hill's Jaybird, handled by Lynn Heard. Jaybird is a consistent winner for Lynn and Buck and was smooth in application with two finds. Our judges were consistent and attentive to each participant. BAMA Quail members are very appreciative of their efforts.

Judges for the Open Derby were Will Dunn and Bill Goodwin. First place went to Erin's Johnny Be Good, handled by Alan Atkins and owned by Alan Atkins, Roger Key, and Phil Tomlinson. Johnny Be Good ran a consistent forward race with a good find at time. Second place was Check It Out, handled by Michael Martino and owned by Jeff Gilbertson. Third place was awarded to Light It Up, handled by Michael Martino and owned by Brent Cox.

Judges for the Open Shooting Dog were Will Dunn and Roger Key. First place was awarded to Phillips Wind Line, handled by Anthony Martino and owned by Katie Belle Varner. Wind Line ran a classy, forward race with two finds, of which one was a limb find. Second place was Hillhavyn's Good Time Rail, handled by Michael Martino and owned by Brad and Collins Brown. Rail was solid in ground application and bird work. Third place was Reynolds Party Starter, owned and handled by Brian Sanderson. Party Starter ran an excellent forward race with two finds. Our judges set a consistent pace, watched each brace closely, and their decisions were well received. BAMA Quail Club thanks you for judging our trial.

A special thank you to Bill Clem, who loaned us an ATV, judged, scouted, and performed other tasks that make a field trial operate. Thank you to our participants for supporting BAMA Quail Club again; we will see you next year.

Tuskegee, Ala., December 1
Judges: Darren Hendley and Bucky Street
AMATEUR DERBY - 7 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st--ERIN'S MASON MAN, 1701059, pointer male, by Erin's Redrum-Erin's Pearl. Alan Atkins, Roger Key & Phil Tomlinson, owners; Roger Key, handler.
2d--ERIN'S JOHNNY BE GOOD, 1701056, pointer male, by Erin's Redrum-Erin's Rebel Maiden. Alan Atkins, Roger Key & Phil Tomlinson, owners; Alan Atkins, handler.
3d--QUAIL ROOST REWIND, 1698634, pointer male, by Miller's Upgraded Version-Quail Roost Too. Dr. Susan Wells, owner and handler.
Judges: Bill Clem and John Neely
AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] - 19 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st--TWIN WILLOW PASSION, 1675712, pointer female, by Lester's Prime Poison Lane-Sedgefields Silverstone. Addison McDuffie, owner and handler.
2d--PINEYWOOD'S LEGACY, 1689944, pointer male, by Panther Creek Merlin-PIneywood's Belle Aire. Darren C. Hendley, owner and handler.
3d--HEARD HILL'S JAYBIRD, 1664195, pointer male, by Game Strut-Heard Hill's Queen Mary. Buck & Lynn Heard, owners; Lynn Heard, handler.
Judges: Will Dunn and Bill Goodwin
OPEN DERBY - 8 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st--ERIN'S JOHNNY BE GOOD, 1701056, pointer male, by Erin's Redrum-Dominator's Rebel Maiden. Alan Atkins, Roger Key & Phil Tomlinson, owners; Alan Atkins, handler.
2d--CHECK IT OUT, 1697082, pointer male, by Erin's Redrum-Justice Served. Jeff Gilbertson, owner; Michael Martino, handler.
3d--LIGHT IT UP, 1702277, pointer male, by Miller's Unbridled Forever-All On. Brent Cox, owner; Michael Martino, handler.
Judges: Will Dunn and Roger Key

1st--PHILLIPS WIND LINE, 1656001, male, by Phillips War Line-Phillips Wind Dancer. Tony & Becky Gibson, owners; Anthony Martino, handler.
2d--HILLHAVYN'S GOOD TIME RAIL, 1670917, female, by Good Time Ty-Hillhavyn's Runaway Lucy. Brad & Collins Brown, owners; Michael Martino, handler.
3d--REYNOLDS PARTY STARTER, 1695316, male, by L V's Western Express-L V's Silver lining. Brian Sanderson, owner and handler.