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Result: NBHA National Amateur Invitational Championship

Location: Grovespring, Missouri

Post Date: Feb 23, 2023

Submitted By: Jim Ogle

NBHA Natl Am Inv ChF22

NBHA National Amateur Invitational Championship. From left: Craig Hiatt with the Craig's Runin Roxie, and Dan Draffen with Double D's Red Lancelot. Joined by participants.

This year's National Invitational Championship was held at the Sportsman's Association grounds in Grovespring, Mo. This year's Championship had 12 outstanding dogs. Wisconsin was represented the strongest with 5 dogs making the journey South. We had 4 make it to the call backs Sunday with 2 on standby these dogs did an outstanding job to qualify for this trial and I hope they are all happy with their decision to compete. This year standby dogs would not be called back. Congrats for making the call back to Dale Creek Tothe Max setter male owned and handled by John Dlobik, and Royal Rocks Lotta Hardcash pointer male owned and handled by Mike Roper.
Championship running Sunday morning
Brace#1 would be released at 7:54 AM. I am always happy when we start early. Double D's Red Lancelot pointer male owner handler Danny Draffen and Raintree's Blue Moon Irish setter male owner handler Cathy Lewis would be paired to start us off. At the 16-minute mark Red was standing. After a good flushing attempt Danny elected to take the UP and continued on. After crossing into the Sycamore bottoms Red was standing again. This time a covey was produced. After passing through the bottom Blue Moon would pin a pair in a milo strip. Red would be backing. Both dogs perfect on their birdwork. At 8:39 along the dry creek by the gate Red would be found standing. A pair of bobs would be put in the air by Danny. Blue Moon would be picked up for manners. With 10 minutes to go Red would have his last find in a feed strip near the big south hill. Red would finish looking great and hunting hard.

Brace#2 This brace would be released at 9:07 am. Circle H's Tru Grit (GSPM/Adam Hamilton) and Craig's Runin Roxie (PF/Craig Hiatt). This was an exciting brace to watch with both dogs going back and forth in the judge's heads. At 9:22 both would be found standing. The judges ordered a divided find and both handlers flushed and shot. At 9:31 Grit was standing west of Sycamore Bottoms on a feed strip. Adam produced a pair of birds. 937 Roxie was pointing on the North side of Sycamore Bottoms with Grit backing. Before crossing the road both dogs would be pointed again going up the big chute. Judges would again call a divided find. Roxie was standing again at 951 with birds produced. Both dogs were still hitting the edges and hunting hard across the bottom field. Judges and gallery excited to see how this would play out. At 9:58 across from Andy's house Roxie was pointed again with Grit backing from a great distance. All was in order as Craig put the birds in the air. Both dogs finished the hour just as strong as they started and going away.

The Missouri Bird Hunters are proud to have been able to host this trial and would like to Congratulate are winners for 2022.
Congratulations to Mr. Craig Hiatt and Craig's Runin Roxie for winning this year's Championship. Also a huge congrats to RU Champion Double D's Red Lancelot and his owner Mr. Danny Draffen. Special thank you to our judges Mr. Justin Crook Jasper Mo and Mr. Kenny Snow of Mouldrow, Okla.
Grovespring, Mo., December 1 - One Course
Judges: Justin Crook and Kenny Snow
Winner-CRAIG'S RUNIN ROXIE, 1665573, pointer female, by Mac's Silver Dollar-Hilo Southern Tea. Craig Hiatt, owner and handler.
Runner-Up-DOUBLE D'S RED LANCELOT, 1675802, pointer male, by Double D's Sir Galahad-Parsley's Wild Injustice. Danny Draffen, owner and handler.

Bob Catlett Open Shooting Dog
This year's Bob Catlett Memorial classic was held at the Sportsman's Association grounds in Grovespring, Mo. The weather was Sunny and a crisp 25 with plenty of frost in this bottomland. This class was run on Thursday with a break Friday to run the 1st series of the National Amateur Invitational Championship. We finished on Saturday with the same cold and windy weather.

This year's winner was run in the 10th brace. Tin Man PM O/H Kenny Snow. Breakaway was 1017 for this nice pointer. His 1st bird contact would be 10 minutes in. 2 birds would be produced coming from a small feed strip across from Andy's house. Tin Mans bracemate would be picked up at this time. Kenny wouldn't have to go far before the team had another pair of birds located. Eighteen minutes in before crossing the road Tin Man would pin a single feeding under the oaks. Crossing the road and taking the edges into Sycamore bottoms Tin Man would find another pair in one of the many millet strips. His last find was in the in the Little Vine loop with another pair of bobs. Tin Man would finish the hour with power and style.

Our second place dog Unfinished Business (Ace) PM owned by John Gaines and handled by Justin Crook. Ace ran in the 4th brace and had great weather as we warmed up to 33 . The dogs were released at 10:47 coming back toward the club house. Justin would find Ace standing in the Little Vine Loop 8 minutes in. He flushed hard as a single left. Ace would continue hunting the front and searching hard for his next bird contact. After leaving Sycamore bottoms and crossing the road Ace would find a pair in a feed strip at the 11:27 mark. Five minutes later he would have a stop to flush on one of the many liberated coveys. Ace finished the hour strong and with style to the front.

Third place was Two Seamer (Jeff) PM O/H Colby Tackett. Jeff was in the last brace of the Classic. He did a great job pointing with intensity and class. Jeff would find his first bird at the 29-minute mark before leaving Sycamore bottoms. Five minutes later after crossing the road he pinned a pair in the milo strip. With 8 minutes to go he stood tall on a single. Jeff's last find would be behind the cemetery with all in order.
Thank you, Mr. Tim Penn and Mr. Craig Hiatt, both from Missouri.
Judges: Craig Hiatt and Tim Penn

1st-HEY MR. TIN MAN, 1680641, pointer male, by Crazy Train-My Lil Whiskey Girl. Kenny Snow, owner and handler.
2d-UNFINISHED BUSINESS, 1665852, pointer male, by Unabridged-Momo's Rock Solid. John Gaines, owner; Justin Crook, handler.
3d-TWO SEAMER, 1688946, pointer male, by Rock Acre Shortstop-Frozen Desert Blizzard. Colby Tackett, owner; Justin Crook, handler.

Missouri state open SDF22

Bob Catlett Open Shooting Dog. From left: Mike Duvall with Hey Mr. Tin Man, Justin Crook with Unfinished Business, and Colby Tackett with Two Seamer; Standing is Kenny Snow, Judge Tim Penn, and Judge Craig Hiatt.

This year was a good year for dogs tough year for judges these dogs were all good enough to be placed this year in any trial. The derby stand out was a pointer male Blair's Holy Thunder (Doc) owned and handled by Greg Blair. Doc was pointed in Sycamore bottoms on a liberated covey with his bracemate chasing and knocking. This was a beautiful broke find. He also had plenty of class and style. 2nd place is a puppy Sonic Boom Vom Huber Haus (Boomer) owner handler Travis Patterson this is a super nice pointer male with a big future. Travis is a newcomer this year to the NBHA and already successful. 3rd place Glover's Liza Menelli (Liza) pointer female owner handler Jack Glover. Liza has already shown she is the real deal and when continue winning she had multiple finds and will be able to compete at the next level.

The puppy classic was full of class, style, run, and bird work these puppies also could have been used in most trials this year. 1st place was (Artie) Huber's Artemis Sunshine Brittney female owner handler Travis Patterson this is a super exciting firecracker of a pup she is so fast and snappy it would be hard not to like her she is also a bird finder. Second was (Boomer) Sonic Boom Vom Huber Haus pointer male owner handler Travis Patterson. Boomer is a big old boy with plenty of go. Very classy dog that holds an edge with confidence. Third place (Belle) P B Helles Belles pointer female owner Bryan Stockhram handler Marla Stockhram Belle is a fancy girl that can find birds and look good doing it she is easy to watch move through the fields. She has placed many times this year and should have a good Derby season next year. A special thank you to Mr. Craig Hiatt and Mr. Tim Penn both from Missouri.

This year was a blast. These trials go smoothly with our team. We had morning breakfast of biscuits and gravy and eggs, dinners with our judges nightly. This was nice to all be together cussing and discussing. Sometimes we went to different venues but no matter we were always eating with friends and family. Friday evening was a handler's dinner catered by Terry and Company Catering. We had a wonderful meal and dessert. We presented last year's championship winner Mr. Don Heisner a beautiful painting of Champion Beaucoup Creek Gus. This painting was done for us by Jordan Wood of Grove, Okla. Thank you to all that had anything to do with this trial. The Missouri Bird Hunters Association helpers are great group Kevin Western, Jack Glover, Randy Zimmer, Joe Zimmer these guys cook breakfast every morning, donated UTV, drove dog wagons and kept every brace on the line. Hauled the bird planter, reporter, gallery wagon which is becoming a huge hit. I could call all of these gentlemen my brother. They are great behind the scenes helpers as well always offering help Justin Tim Craig Kristi.

A special thank you to Ivy Crook and Crooks Creations for making the judges and National Invitational Championship dogs beautiful keepsake tumblers. Gabe Allen G&S Printing for the awesome hats.
Our birds came from Seneca, Mo., this year. Scott Walker has been working to improve his birds and facility. The results are amazing these birds would flat get-up-and-get gone. If you need birds locally give him a yell Walker Valley quail.
Thank you to our sponsors Purina for their gift certificates and coupons and dog food. On-X for the gift certificates. Garmin for the Alpha 10 and TTX collar. Gun Dogs Supply for their gift certificates. Gun Dog Central. These sponsors are our backbone and we would ask that you support them whenever possible. Thank you all so much.
Judges: Justin Crook and Kenny Snow

1st-BLAIR'S HOLY THUNDER, 1694985, pointer male, by Touch's Grey Street-Alliwood's Shady Shay. Greg Blair, owner and handler.
2d-SONIC BOOM VOM HUBER HAUS, 1701297, pointer male, by Mac Rhoads-Lacee Jane Elhew Blackhawk. Aaron Travis Patterson, Jr., owner and handler.
3d-GLOVER'S LIZA MENELLI, 1695569, pointer female, by Hirollins Gone and Doneit-Crimson River Emerald. Jack Glover, owner and handler.
NBHA LARRY CARPENTER AMATEUR PUPPY CLASSIC - 4 Pointers, 1 Setter and 1 Brittany
1st-HUBER'S ARTEMIS SUNSHINE, 1702261, Brittany female, by Biebel's Walt Longmire O'Call-O'Callahan's Run Around Sue. Aaron Travis Patterson, Jr., owner and handler.
2d- SONIC BOOM VOM HUBER HAUS, 1701297, pointer male, by Mac Rhoads-Lacee Jane Elhew Blackhawk. Aaron Travis Patterson, Jr., owner and handler.
3d-P B HELLES BELLES, 1702138, pointer female, by Touch's Grey Street-Three Stripe's Anomaly. Brian Stockrahm, owner; Marla Stockrahm, handler.

Missouri state DerbyF22

Larry Carpenter Amateur Derby. From left: Greg Blair with 1st place Blair's Holy Thunder, Travis Patterson with 2nd place Sonic Boom Vom Huber Haus, and Jack Glover with 3rd place Glover's Liza Menelli; Standing is Judge Kenny Snow.