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Event: Reed's Super Spirit Named Champion; Texas Cool, Runner-Up
Result: Region 7 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Ardmore, Oklahoma

Post Date: Mar 24, 2023

Submitted By: Mary Ann Gustafson

Region 7 ASD ChS2023

Region 7 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship Winners (back row): Jason Super, Tyson Traw, Ken Sauer, John Benoist, John Humphrey, Lindsay O'Neill, Judge Everett Brannan, Mike Griffin, and Chris Cornman. (Front row): Kevin White with Reed's Super Spirit and Buck Neil with Texas Cool.

The 2023 Region 7 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship was held January 6-8 at the Lake Murray Field Trial Grounds, Ardmore, Okla.

The weather for the three days of running was in the low to mid-30s to low 50s. The grounds at Lake Murray were in great shape, with cover to hunt and open edges for the dogs to run. There was plenty of water on the course. And you can't beat the facilities; a fantastic clubhouse for people to meet, greet and eat, and real bathrooms with showers, horse stalls, and kennels.

Judges for this year's event were Everett Brannan from Powderly, Texas, and Jim Corpening from Topeka, Kan. We want to thank them for their hard work and close attention to the dogs.

Tyson Traw from Wichita Falls, Texas, was the field marshal all three days and did a fabulous job keeping everyone on course, supplying color-coded maps with the courses marked. John Benoist, assisted by Lindsey O'Neill, handled the dog wagon, with Shawn Rowan filling in for them when needed. And Jason Super did a great job as trial chairman, wearing many hats to ensure everything ran smoothly throughout the event.

The Championship drew 27 dogs: one setter, one Gordon setter, two Vizslas, and 23 pointers. Twenty-six dogs competed. The judges named Reed's Super Spirit the 2023 Region 7 Amateur Shooting Dog Champion. "Isla" is a pointer female owned and handled by Jason Super. Runner-up honors went to Texas Cool. "Bud," a pointer male, is owned and was handed by Dr. Buck Neil.

The Running
Brace No. 1--Wiggins Super Sin/PF ("Trixie"/Jason Super) and Gonna Be A Rockstar/PM ("Jack"/Dr. Buck Neil). The first brace was released at 8 a.m. with both dogs running up the hill and out of sight. Both dogs had settled into the front when the handlers reached the top of the hill. At 18, Trixie was found standing on an edge to the front with Jack backing. Birds were flushed, shot fired, and everything was in order. At 30, both dogs got birdy on the backside of an edge. Trixie investigated further into the mott and finally established point. Jack had moved on. Jason went in to flush, and Trixie went with him and was picked up. At 35, Jack scored with a find and finished the hour.

Brace No. 2-- Ready's First Pitch/PM ("Jax"/Kevin White) and Lester's High Dollar/PM ("Ben"/Dr. Chris Cornman). Both dogs were off to the races at the breakaway. At 4, both dogs were standing in close proximity. Mr. White produced birds, and both handlers fired shots. After another 10 minutes on the ground, both dogs were found standing in the same proximity again. Both dogs showed good style, birds were produced, and both handlers fired. At 20, Jax was found standing and Ben backing. Flush was attempted, but no birds were produced. At 34, Ben was found by the scout wide left. After a quick flush attempt, Dr. Cornman tapped Ben for a relocate, and he did with nice style. Birds were produced, and everything was in order. Jax scored another find at 38. Jax went on point again at 42, but birds were not produced, and his handler picked up Jax. Ben went on to finish the hour.

Brace No. 3--Rowan's Pena Creek Ike/PM ("Ike"/Shawn Rowan) and Terry's White Ace/PM ("Ace"/Dr. Chris Cornman). Ike broke away with a big move to the front but hit an edge which somehow allowed him to slip by his scout, and eventually, the tracker was pulled. Ace had suffered an unproductive at 25 and was later picked up by his handler after running out of gas towards the end of the hour.

Brace No. 4--Jetson Rise/ESM ("Gibbs"/Donna Markey) and Fortius Nights A Blazin/VIZM ("Imre"/Shawn Anderson). Gibbs was out of pocket fairly early. He was seen again to the front but lost soon after, and the tracker was pulled. Imre started with a strong race but unfortunately finished the hour with no birdwork.

Brace No. 5--Texas Cool/PM ("Bud"/Dr. Buck Neil) and Westfall's Tulsa Time/PM ("Jim"/Jon Humphrey). Both dogs started strongly to the front covering much ground. Jim scored his first find at 15. Jim looked stylish on point as his handler put the birds in the air and fired his gun. Bud had an unproductive at 38. At 40, Bud came to a screeching stop to point birds in a mott. Dr. Neil produced birds, and everything was in order. Both dogs finished with a strong race to the front.

Brace No. 6--Fortius Daylight Six Times/VIZF ("Sia"/Shawn Anderson) and M V R Macfarlane Duke of Earl/GSM ("Duke"/Mary Ann Gustafson). Sia started everything off with the first find at 22. Duke scored finds for Mary Ann at 23, 37, and 38. At 40, Sia was found standing with Duke backing, but no birds were produced. Duke went on point again at 50, but Mary Ann could not produce birds. Both dogs went on to finish the hour.

Brace No. 7--Aim High Elhew Hadley/PM ("Koal"/Scott Hadley) and Bromance/PM ("John"/Jon Humphrey). John started with an early find, but his manners were not up to par, and the judges ordered John up. Koal's first point came at 35, and everything was in order. At 46, Koal was on point again, but his handler could not produce birds. Koal finished the hour.

Brace No. 8--Terry's White Tyler/PM ("Tyler"/Dr. Chris Cornman) and Chaos Tempo/PM ("Buddy"/Klaus Schmidt). Tyler suffered an early unproductive but scored on a find at 26 with Buddy backing. Both dogs finished the hour.

Brace No. 9--Iron and Wine/PF ("Johnna"/Jon Humphrey) and K C's Tye Oneon/PM ("Tye"/Ken Sauer). Tye pointed at 7, and Johnna failed to back, resulting in the judges ordering her up. Tye went on to stand tall through the flush and shot and moved on. At 20, Tye was standing again, but the handler could not produce any birds. On Tye's next find at 30, he displayed poor bird manners and was picked up.

Brace No. 10--Reed's Super Spirit/PF ("Isla"/Jason Super) and Baja Blues/PM ("Blue"/Dr. Buck Neil). Isla was fast to the front and was found standing at 7 with Blue backing. Birds were flushed, with both dogs showing good style. At 20, Blue went on point but moved too much to mark flight and was picked up. Isla continued with great speed and style, hunting hard and showing to the front everywhere expected. She was well to the front when time was called at the end of the hour.

Brace No. 11--Wreak Havok/PF ("Havok"/Scott Hadley) and Janee's American Rebel/PM ("Small"/Dr. Chris Cornman). Small had an unproductive at 5 and was eventually picked up by her handler. Havok ran to the front and finished the hour with no bird work.

Brace No. 12--Touch's Mac Daddy/PM ("Mac"/Klaus Schmidt) and K C's Guitar Man/PM ("Zeke"/Ken Sauer). Mac had an early unproductive at 10. Mac then had a find at 18, and the bird wildly flushed into the tree. Handler fired, and all was in order. Zeke had pointed, but the handler was unable to produce any birds. Both dogs finished the hour.

Brace No. 13--Griff's Express/PM ("Express"/Mike Griffin) and After Party/PF ("Lucy"/Dr. Neil). The first brace of the morning, and both dogs were fast to the front. Express was lost around 15, and the tracker was pulled. Lucy started strong but was picked up later in the brace by her handler for running out of steam.
Ardmore, Okla., January 6
Judges: Everett Brannan and Jim Corpening
REGION 7 AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 22 Pointers, 1 Setter, 2 Vizslas and 1 Gordon Setter

Winner--REED'S SUPER SPIRIT, 1691963, pointer female, by Valiant-Reed's Winter Spirit. Jason Super, owner and handler.
Runner-Up--TEXAS COOL, 1690192, pointer male, by Ransom-Good Times Girl. Buck Neil, owner and handler.
Eight pointers were entered in this year's Region 7 Shooting Dog Derby stake.

Brace No. 1--K C's Next Gen/PM ("Ben"/Ken Sauer) and Wreak Havok/PF ("Havok"/Scott Hadley). Both dogs started wide to the right. Ben eventually came around to the front and finished the 30 minutes. Havok was lost early, and the tracker was pulled.

Brace No. 2--Big Whiskey/PM ("Ben"/Dr. Buck Neil) and Chaos Tempo/PM ("Buddy"/Klaus Schmidt). Both dogs showed well to the front early on. Ben ended up getting out of pocket a few times. Buddy finished the 30 minutes strong.

Brace No. 3--Terry's White Billy/PM ("Billy"/Dr. Chris Cornman) and K C's Dominator's Pat/PF ("Pat"/Ken Sauer). Billy was challenged to stay in the pocket for his handler, and Pat put down a medium race.

Brace No. 4--High Enchantress/PF ("Evo"/Scott Hadley) and Baby's On Speed Dial/PF ("Speedy"/Dr. Buck Neil). Both dogs ran an excellent race and hunted hard to the front. Speedy was able to show some style with a nice bird find.

OPEN DERBY - 8 Pointers
1st--BABY'S ON SPEED DIAL, 1701622, female, by Miller's Speed Dial-Problem Child. Buck Neil, owner and handler.
2d--CHAOS TEMPO, 1698356, male, by Bonner's Hot Rize-West's Lucy. Klaus Schmidt, owner and handler.
3d--HIGH ENCHANTRESS, 1700180, female, by Lester's Storm Surge-Lester's Snow White. Tierra & Scott Hadley, owners; Scott Hadley, handler.

region 7 open derbys23

Open Derby. Back Row: Tyson Traw, Ken Sauer, John Benoist, John Humphrey, Lindsay O'Neill, Everett Brannan (judge), Mike Griffin, Chris Cornman, Jason Super. Front row: Buck Neil with Baby's On Speed Dial, Klaus Schmidt with Chaos Tempo, Scott Hadley with High Enchantress.