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Result: Georgia Derby and Georgia Quail Championships

Location: Waynesboro, Georgia

Post Date: Apr 4, 2023

Submitted By: Nell Mobley Austin Sherman John Kimbrell

Georgia Derby ChS23

Derby Championship Winners (front row): Luke Eisenhart, Mike Jackson, Jamie Daniels, Rester's Cajun Spirit with Judd Carton, Nell Mobley, Haney's All In with Mark McLean and judges, club officials, and attendees.

Tradition has it for the Georgia Championship to begin on January 2 at DiLane Plantation, Waynesboro, Ga., the "Bird Dog Capital of the World." We are fortunate to have permanent grounds to host the trials annually.

DiLane is owned by the U. S. Corp of Engineers and leased to the State of Georgia. Our only expense for the venue is stable and clubhouse clean-up. Ryan Meckel, Wildlife Technician 3, manages the property very professionally. He and his staff worked many hours to groom the courses to our needs. This takes much time and expense for their preparation. Ryan is a very enthusiastic young man and has our trials at heart.

Native quail have returned to the property with Ryan's planning. Quail are released every morning at 6:00 by Chuck Miller. Not only does Chuck release birds, but he also runs many errands daily. He is employed by Green-Ag, managed by our Vice-President, Art Lively. Art allows him to assist in any way during the day.

Nestl Purina Pet Care provides dog food samples to hand out to the handlers, food certificates to the winners, and hats and gifts to the judges. Purina also sponsors the owners'/handlers' banquet. Purina is fortunate to have Greg Blair on its staff as a Field Consultant. Thank you, Greg, for your continued enthusiasm.

Entries were down in both stakes from previous years. I want to thank the owners and handlers who came for our trials. Twenty-seven entries were drawn for the Derby stake and 38 for the Quail Championship.

The drawing was conducted at the home of the secretary, Nell Mobley. Gary Futch, John Ray Kimbrell, Chuck Miller, Becky Futch, and Mike Jackson were at the drawing table. Mary Kimbrell prepared the judges' books.

Judges for both stakes were George Kimbrell, Ft. Mill, S. C., and Horace Earley, Richlands, N. C. Both gentlemen are well-known in the sport as both are honest and knowledgeable.

Marshals for both stakes were Gary Futch, Austin Sherman, Mike Jackson, and Jack Schwarz.

The Derby Championship

Rester's Cajun Spirit (PM) was named champion when winners were announced. Spirit is owned by Allen Linder and was handled by Judd Carlton. Early after the breakaway, Spirit had a great find at 8 and excellent manners with all in order, covering the course in fashion. He shared a find with bracemate Clear Creek's Jim. Some great casts were made, and a find at 35 with great style was noted. Spirit continued with a classy race. The hour concluded with a very strong finish.

Haney's All In (PM) earned runner-up honors. All In is owned by Chris Cagle and handled by Ike Todd. He covered the course stylishly with finds at 11 and 15. All In ran a nice medium race and could be seen out front at pick-up.

The Others

Game Mode (Todd) and Just Between Friends (Daniels). Both dogs were released on Course 1 to begin the stake. Mode ran a medium forward race, getting behind once but was quickly seen out front again. He had a great covey find at pick up with good style on find and relocation. Friends ran a medium race but had no bird work. The hour was finished to the front.

Dominator's Big Mike (Daniels) and Shagtime Sunny (Todd). Mike was harnessed at 15. Sunny had a good start with a find at 10, all in order. A second find at 45 resulted in a bird error, and Todd picked him up.

Tee's Crazy Train (Eisenhart) and Five60 Breakout (Carlton). Train was not pleasing his handler, who requested the tracker at 35. Breakout was harnessed at 42 by Carlton.

Country On (Haynes) and Beeler's White Knight (Beeler). Country On started well but was picked up at 27. Knight was missing at 41, and the tracker was requested.

Rebel Dancer (Daniels), Hunt's Rollin' The Dice (McLean). Dancer went missing, and the handler requested the tracker at 28. Dice was running a short-range race. No birds were lifted at a point at 22, and the handler chose to pick up at 25.

Champion Rester's Cajun Spirit (Carlton) was reported earlier. Clear Creek's Gem (McLean) was gone too long, resulting in a request for the tracker at 53.

Running was delayed by fog until 9:30 a.m. on the second day.

Runner-up Haney's All In (Todd) was reported earlier. You Don't Know Jack (Haynes) backed his bracemate at 11; flight check on back at 15. Stylish finds were noted on the roadway at 18 and 38. He was picked up at 49.

Knight Hawk's Rebel (Eisenhart) and Just Sayin (Daniels). Rebel was gone too long, and time ended at 47. Sayin had a bird mishap at 6 and was taken up by his handler.

Erin's Iron Man (Carlton) and Touch's Edge Patch (Todd). Early in the hour, Iron Man had an excellent stylish point on a find at 10. He was not pleasing his handler and was harnessed at 35. Patch followed with pick up at 35.

Rester's Johnny Ringo (Eisenhart), Hunt's Fireball (McLean). It was a short time for both dogs, with the handlers requesting trackers at 40.

Mayfield Storm Charger (Lester) and Haney's Hurricane Seeker (Russell). Both dogs finished the hour to the front but no bird work.

Haney's Silver Dollar (Todd) and Erin's Rambling Fever (Eisenhart). Dollar had a big race in some places but slowed in others. He had two stylish finds at 34 and 44. He was out front at pick-up. Fever was having a bad day and had gone too long to suit Eisenhart.

It had rained all night before the last day's running. The courses were very wet with standing rain.

Miller's King Poast (Lester) and Game Surge (Todd). Post suffered a no-show of game at 26 and came through the gallery at 47. The hour was finished with no show of game. Surge had stylish finds at 7, 40, and 45. The hour was completed with a medium race.

Just Wanna Have Fun (Todd) Fun was harnessed at 7, following a mistake on birds.

Waynesboro, Ga., January 2
Judges: Horace Earley and George Kimbrell
GEORGIA DERBY CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 26 Pointers and 1 Setter
Winner-RESTER'S CAJUN SPIRIT, 1695796, pointer male, by Miller's Blindsider-Rester's Amazing Grace. Allen Linder, owner; Judd Carlton, handler.
Runner-Up-HANEY'S ALL IN, 1698756, pointer male, by Ransom-Haney's North Star. Chris Cagle, owner; Ike Todd, handler.


A heavy fog held up running until about 10:45 a.m. on the first day of running.

After 19 braces, John Ray Kimbrell, Stake Manager, announced the winners. Confident Nation (PM), handled by Luke Eisenhart and owned by Scott Jordan, was named champion. He ran on the first day of the stake on Course 1. Hunting was on the mind of Nation. Three all-in-order stylish finds were recorded in the first 26 minutes of the hour--at 15, 20, and 26. Covering the course and hunting in the right places, he had a final find at 55. When time was called, he was to the front running strong.

Runner-up honors went to Miller's Blindsider (PM), owned by Nick Berrong and handled by Jamie Daniels. He ran on Course 1, as did the champion. Sider knew from the beginning what the game was about. Perfect finds in deep cover were seen at 7, 14, 28, 40, and 53, and a very exciting hour concluded with a big forward race.

The Others

Miller's Heat Advisory (Carlton) and Confident Nation (Eisenhart). The retrieval unit was requested at 25 for Advisory following an extended absence. Champion Confident Nation was reported earlier.

Game Ice (Raynor) and Erin's Grey Justice (Eisenhart). Ice had divided finds with his bracemate at 12 and 30, flight checked quail. He hunted the course well with birds in flight at 50 with great style. Ice could always be seen; to the front and completed the allotted time. Justice shared finds at 12 and 30. Birds were raised at 28 with good style, perfect on all game finds. The handler chose to pick up at 55.

Mayfield Storm Charger (Lester) and Dominator's Wild Bill (Daniels). Charger came from behind at 10. Perfect style was noted with a find at 15. Wild Bill knew that his job was to find and point birds. No game was lifted with a point at 12. Continuing on a good find with great style was noted at 25. Wild Bill was gone for about 10 minutes but found on point at 39 with perfect style on relocation. Another all-in-order find was witnessed at 59, complemented by a medium-range race.

Haney's Storm Warning (Cagle) and Lester's Storm Surge (Lester). Storm Warning had a great find at 37. He continued on Course 1 with a great cast on the second field. At pick-up, he could be seen running strong with a forward race. Surge had a find with great style at 11 and had another at 13. He was not seen for about 15 minutes but showed up to finish the hour.

Game Train (Griffin) and Hirollins Macho Man (Swearingen). Train had a very stylish find at 12. No game was raised on a point at 20, but birds were lifted at 34. A third find was recorded at 50. He came from behind through the gallery at 55 finishing the hour. Swearingen's Macho Man had a very stylish find at 15. He came from behind at 48 and was not seen afterward.

Touch's Breakaway Fred (McLean) and Flap Jacket (Carlton). Fred came from behind twice, so his handler requested the retrieval device at 55. It was a short time for Jacket when he moved on 5, at flushing.

Knight's Little John (Griffin) and Miller's Unbridled Forever. Little John honored his bracemate at 3, followed by a stylish, perfect find at 18. Not pleasing his handler, he was harnessed at 40. Forever had hunting and pointing on his mind. Perfect finds were observed at 3, 21, 25, 32, and 36. He finished the hour with a medium race.

Miller's King Poast (Lester) and Erin's Wild Atlantic Way (Eisenhart). Poast pointed at 8 and 12 with birds lifted. A find at 15 suffered a move on birds and was picked up. Way came from behind at 15, with his handler harnessing at 20.

Dominator's Mae Belle (Daniels) and Touch's Shadow Rider (McLean). Mae Belle had a stylish find at 23 but moved on a back at 30 and was taken up. Rider had a wild covey find at 10 with all in order. A good back of his bracemate was noted at 23, with a no-show of birds at 30. He was credited with great style on finds at 38 and 40. When time was called, he was running a long-range race.

Dominator's Queen Bee (Daniels) and Erin's Code of Honor (Eisenhart). Queen Bee came from behind at 8, and her handler picked up at 25. No birds were lifted on a point by Honor at 31.

Dominator's Rebel Queen (Daniels) and Erin's Perfect Storm (Eisenhart). Queen came from behind at 12. Great finds with birds lifted at 15, 16, and 17. No game was seen at 28, and she was taken up by her handler. Storm had an all-in-order find at 20, followed by an unproductive at 40, and was taken up by his handler.

Erin's High Note (Carlton) and Touch's Gallatin Fire (McLean). Much style was noted, with a find at 30. He was gone for 15 minutes, returning to finish the hour. Fire was off to a good start with stylish finds at 5 and 15, very stylish on the first attempt to flush and again on relocation with birds in flight. Flight check on back at 30. Another nice find was in order at 40 in the deep cover. No birds were lifted at 53. The hour was finished forward.

Runner-up Miller's Blindsider's (Daniels) performance was reported earlier. Touch's Blue Knight (Watson) honored his bracemate at 14. He came from behind at 53 with his handler requesting the tracker.

Browntown Doc Holiday (Raynor) and Lester's Shockwave (Lester). Flight birds on back at 10 for Holiday. He was not pleasing his handler and was harnessed at 22. Shockwave had a great find at the breakaway, a marked flight on find at 3 and 12. His handler was not pleased with his performance and picked up.

Erin's Ty Breaker (Eisenhart) went missing at 29. Touch's Midnight Rider (McLean) was carded with style on a find at 14. He was missing at 29.

Chief's Rising Sun (Carlton) and Piney Grove Samson (Raynor). It was a short time for these two. Sun was missing at 25, with Sampson lost at 30.

Woodville's Yukon Cornelius (McLean) and Bonner's Hot Rize (Lester). Cornelius had stylish finds at 2 and 13. The hour was finished with a good forward race. Hot Rize backed his bracemate at 2. No birds were lifted with a point at 21. He is credited with an all-in-order find at 24. Birds were in flight with a perfect find at 52 on edge of the road. Another find was carded at pick up.
Rentz's Hijacked (Eisenhart). He came from behind twice, and the tracker was requested at 26. Woodville's Saddle Tramp (McLean) had finds recorded at 26 and 46 and picked up at 47.

Beeler's Prime Design (Carlton). Design backed his bracemate at 10. He was not pleasing his handler and was taken up at 20. Touch's Malcom Story (McLean) had a find on the road edge. An unproductive was noted at 23, and the handler chose to end the hour.

GEORGIA QUAIL CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 34 Pointers and 4 Setters
Winner-CONFIDENT NATION, 1684546, pointer male, by True Confidence-Southern Songbird. Scott Jordan, owner; Luke Eisenhart, handler.
Runner-Up-MILLER'S BLINDSIDER, 1674983, pointer male, by Just Irresistible-Miller's Bring The Heat. Nick Berrong, owner; Jamie Daniels, handler.

We could not do without our community support and various contributions by individuals.

The Burke County Chamber of Commerce continues paying for our UKC Field ads. Ashley Roberts, President of the Chamber, was also on hand to help with lunches. GFTA, Salter Building Supply, and Wimberly House Ministries provided lunches. Judges' evening meals were compliments of Taylor's Express, C. D. White Commercial Refrigeration, and Brown's Seafood Restaurant.

The 2022 Derby and All-Age winners and owners, Chris Cagle and Tommy and Bonnie Hamilton, hosted the fish fry. The Waynesboro Exchange Club members prepare the meal.

Bird Dog Motors provides the pick-up for pulling the dog wagon. John Ray Kimbrell is the driver.

Nestl Purina Feed Co. treated the owners, handlers, and guests to a delicious grilled pork chop dinner.
The Corner Store provided ice daily.
Planers Electric Operation Round-up and Quail Unlimited granted contributions for the bird program.

I want to thank the owners and handlers who continue attending our trials. Hopefully, I can count on your return in 2024. Along with any who missed 2023 and newcomers are welcome.

Georgia AA ChS23

Georgia Quail Championship Winners (front row): Nell Mobley, Luke Eisenhart (handler), Confident Nation with Joe Rentz, Miller's Blindsider with Judd Carlton, Jamie Daniels (handler), judges, club officials, and attendees.