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Result: Alabama Open Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Union Springs, Alabama

Post Date: Apr 17, 2023

Submitted By: Allison Stewart

Alabama Open SD ChS23-

Alabama Open Shooting Dog Championship. Champion Miller's Extreme Heat, Runner-Up Charitable Deed. First row (l-r) Joe McHugh (owner of Miller's Extreme Heat), Hunter McDuffie, Braden Renfroe. Second row (l-r) Mike Tracy, Mindy McDuffie, Keith St. John (judge), Harrison Lee (judge), Alli Stewart (reporter) holding Amelia Stewart.

The 2022 Alabama Open Shooting Dog Championship made another wonderful return to Conecuh Station Plantation in Union Springs, Ala., on November 15, 2022. The Conecuh Station team truly outdo themselves as each year the grounds are always more beautiful than the last. Keith St. John of South Fulton, Tennessee alongside Harrison Lee of Pike Road, Ala., were in the judge's seats for the trial and gave each dog and handler an opportunity to show their skills and manners. The mornings began with breakfast by Mrs. Faye Duncan, Mr. George Cole, and Mr. Steve Hutto. Thoughtful lunches, fit for a field trialer, were prepared each day by Chef Ban Stewart along with the assistance of his Little Sous Chef, Amelia Stewart, who is falling in love with the sport of bird dogs just like her parents. As is customary, we gathered each night either at the field house for George Cole's hors d'oeuvres followed by delightful suppers by Chef Ban or at The Union Springs Country Club for social hour and supper. The Alabama Field Trial Association along with Becky and Tony Gibson and Bullock County Field Trialers were all excited to welcome Chiharu Niwa from Japan. Mr. Niwa contacted Robert Moorer, President of The Conecuh Station Field Trial Club, in October. He kindly asked to visit Alabama to watch our field trial as he too is a field trial enthusiast in Japan. After arriving in The United States of America, Chiharu along with his daughter and son-in-law, Izumi and Patrick Scott, made the drive to Union Springs, Alabama all the way from California in a small motor home. The family was warmly welcomed by participants and field trial friends. While watching braces from the top of the dog wagon, Mr. Niwa was brought to tears, saying he had never seen anything so beautiful. The guests enjoyed a tour of Union Springs, led by Robert Moorer, and festive evenings at Conecuh Station.

The 2023 Alabama Open Shooting Dog Champion was awarded to Miller's Extreme Heat, a fine and happy pointer female, handled by Mike Tracy and owned by Mr. Joe McHugh. Doll showed a most exhilarating hour on the ground and exhibited graceful moves and a most steady and strong forward race. She listened kindly to her handler throughout her time. Doll pointed at 40 with a notably lovely stance and her handler's flush revealed a bevy of bobwhites. She continued to hunt her course with lightning speed and a most spectacular finish.

Charitable Deed, a lovely liver and white pointer female, owned by Keith Finlayson and handled by Tommy Rice took the Runner Up Position. She ran in the 12th brace where sh exhibited manners and style throughout her time. She carded 2 notable finds at 12, with all in order, and her second find at 28, displaying firm stance through flush and shot. Charitable Deed honored her bracemate with a back at 39 by the water through on Exit Wound Alley. Her superlative speed along with fine ground application set her apart from the competition.

Nonami's Johnny Come Lately (PM/Ray Pearce) began the trial with his bracemate, Erin's Tough Grit (PM/Tommy Rice). Nonami's pointed at 13 in thicket to the left of the road with his brace mate at backing. Pearce relocated but failed to produce birds. The bracemates shared a divided find at 20 with success for Johnny Come Lately. Tough Grit moved on birds and was picked up. Pearce carded another find at 32 just past water trough in pines on left with a nice thick rise of birds and was in front at time.

Miller's Heat Index (PM/Mike Tracy) suffered an unproductive at water through on Exit Wound Alley at 13. He carded finds at 21 on the corner of The Chopper Field and again at 25 at Top of Hill on left. He ended brace with a find at 56 just before Buster's Bottom. Will Dunn requested tracker for Dunn's Ever N Onward, pointer male, at 18.

Bronco Bully (PM/Tracy) thanked judges in pines above cabin at 15. Panther Creek Rosie, pointer female (Rice), pointed at 26 by tiny pond. Relocated and moved on. Rosie carded a find at 32 with a nice rise.

Lone Tree Splish Splash (PF/Bill Owen) carded 3 finds but stayed gone a bit too long and tracker was requested. OAHE Buck (PM/Rice) requested tracker.

Bully Rock (PM/Tracy) carded 3 finds and picked up at 45. Nella's Belgium Brew (PF/Rice) carded a find at 15 with all in order. She moved on her second find and was harnessed.

Sunbelt's Repeat (PM/Michael Martino) carded 1 find and 1 unproductive. Zumbro's Stinky Pete (PM/Rice) requested tracker.

South Point Hog Wild (PM/Tracy) picked up at 14. Hillhavyns Good Time Rail (PF/M. Martino), exhibited some nice moves.

Town Creek Hardaway Jill (PF/M. Martino) carded her first find at 30 on Corner Thicket of Chopper Field with all in order. Jill dashed through the countryside and picked up her second find at 52 on dam. She crossed the creek before Buster's Bottom and ended her time with a lofty rise. Miller's Record Heat (PF/Tracy), was not feeling her best and called it a day early.

Deceptions Wild Justice (PM/Martino) picked up. Grand Prairie Thrill (PF/Rice) requested tracker.

Charlie's Zip Tie (ESM/Owen) made valiant forward strides and tracker was requested at 48. Pineywoods Legacy (PM/Rice) picked up at 55.

Cheap Thrill (PF/Rice) pointed at 3 just over Pond Dam on right near water. Thrill pointed again just below The Shop at 26 and ended her time at 32. Trumped (PM/Tracy) was picked up at 30.

Miller's War Bonnet (PF/Tracy) marked her first find at 5 with bird up. She carded another find at 34 and exhibited a firm stance through flush and shot while her brace mate, Charitable Deed, honored with a back. She suffered an unproductive at 39.

Class Act Express (PM/Anthony Martino) suffered an unproductive at 15 and ended time at 52. Answered Prayers (PM/Tracy) thanked judges at 28.

Earl's Thirty Eight Special (PM/Matt McClung) had an unproductive at 20 in Chopper Field. He went on to card a find at 35 with all in order, holding a beautiful stance, and flushing a bevy of birds. McClung thanked the judges at 45. Reedy Creek Dial Tone (PM/Tracy) requested tracker at 20.

Jolene Jolene (PF/Tracy) and Senah's Back in Business (PM/McClung) held a short brace.

Sehoys Run Happy (PM/Bobby Hartwig) marked a covey at 5 with fine flush of birds. He went on to suffer an unproductive at 35. Waybetter Rocky (PM/Tracy) caught the smell of birds at 5 exhibiting beautiful posture. Rocky maintained a forward race and carded a find at 20, with Run Happy backing, and another find at 33. Rocky's last find was at 53, just over dam on tree line, where he was posed like a statue.

Waybetter Rebel (PM/Tracy) marked a beautiful find just over Shop Road at 5. He suffered an unproductive and thanked the judges. Panther Creek Merle (PM/Frank Rutland) carded his first find just below The Shop at 9 with Rebel backing and birds up. He pointed birds again by Big Oak in field revealing a nice rise. Merle ended his bid at 50.

Hillhavyn's Major Tom (PM/M. Martino) carded his first find at 2 with a nice rise and again at 28 in The Pine Thicket leading to morning course. He marked his 3rd find at 34 in Chopper Field Corner with another thick rise of birds. Hauser's Rolling Thunder (PM/Tracy) carded first find at 6 all in order and again at 25 past The Chicken House Gate on the right. The bracemates shared a divided find at 40.

Call Me Clyde (PM/M. Martino) pointed at 4 in field below hill with SB Always Dreaming (PF/Owens) backing but no birds were produced. Martino ended his time at 10. Always Dreaming moved on birds at 56.

Erin's Big Casino (ESM/Tracy) and Back Country Buddy (PM/Martino) requested trackers at 30.

Faithful (PF/Tracy) and McFay's Dire Straits (PM/M. Martino) picked up.

Towncreek Hardaway Rad (PM/M. Martino) carded a find at 15. Upon Rad's relocation Miller's Newest Version (PF/Owens) at 15 failed to back and was picked up.

Cheyenne Jack (PM/Tracy) carded 1 find at 30 between Big Open Field and Northgate Road, exhibiting a strong stance through flush and shot. Neely's Business Man (PM/Neely) had a big race and a find at 40 below Shop at Pond Corner with all in order. He also honored his bracemate with a back at 58 but Jack suffered an unproductive.

Rester's Amazing Grace (PF/A. Martino) dashed into the fields and tracker was requested at 26. Twin Willow Passion (PF/Hunter McDuffie) had nice moves and a pleasing forward race but ended her time early.

Piney Creek Mae (PF/Robert Moorer) was braced with aforementioned Champion. Mae made a beautiful cast across Chicken House Gate.

Phillips Windline (PM/A. Martino) marked birds at 12 near the Chopper Field Corner and again at 16 by Little Green Pond with a thick rise of birds. Bittersweet War Cry (PF/Tracy) ended her bid at 14.

Miller's Sweet Talking Candy (PF/Tracy) pointed at 1 with Pinson's Imagine That (PM/A. Martino) backing just below Shop Road. Upon relocation, handler elected to moved on. After making wide swing in Big Open Field, Candy stopped again at 12 with her brace mate backing. After another unsuccessful relocation, both were harnessed.

C S Trump (PM/Moorer) carded on find at 7 between Creek Bed and Busters Bottom with fine posture.
Union Springs, Ala., November 15
Judges: Harrison Lee and Keith St. John
ALABAMA OPEN SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 54 Pointers and 1 Setter

Winner-MILLER'S EXTREME HEAT, 1685698, pointer female, by Just Irresistible-Miller's Bring The Heat. Joe McHugh, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.
Runner-Up-CHARITABLE DEED, 1658659, pointer female, by Three Rivers-B W Molly. Keith Finlayson, owner; Tommy Rice, handler.

Alabama Open SDS23-

Front row: Chihari Niwa. Second row: Justin Green, Selena Moorer, Robert Moorer, Izumi Scott, Patrick Scott. Third row: Bo Brewer, Anna Grace Tompkins, Hunter McDuffie, Mindy McDuffie.