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Result: NBHA National Invitational Breeders' Championship

Location: Grovesprings, Missouri

Post Date: Apr 24, 2023

Submitted By: Christian Ogle

nbha breeders invitechs23-

NBHA Breeders' Invitational Championship (front row, from left): Jack Glover with Glover's Flintstone and Jim Corpening with Gun's Pistol Pete. (Back row): Tim Penn, Randy Zimmer, Joe Zimmer, Ken Millikin, Greg Gibson, Bob Lais, Kevin Western, Justin Crook and family, Danny Bardwell, and Travis Patterson.

This year's National Breeders' Championship was held on the beautiful grounds of the Sportsmen's Association in Grovespring, Mo. We drew 36 dogs for this championship and started Wednesday, February 15. Our judges for this year were Mark Livingston from Central City, Iowa, and Ken Chenoweth from Fair Grove, Mo. We also had the Missouri Bird Hunters Association and all their workers on hand. These gentlemen kept dogs and handlers on the line, birds planted, pulling the gallery wagon, breakfast in the mornings, and lunch was ready for the handlers and judges when we took a break. These gentlemen make it easy to chair a trial, and I am very proud of their work and sacrifice to help.

Congratulations to this year's National Champion, Glover's Flintstone and Mr. Jack Glover, and Runner-up Champion Gun's Pistol Pete and Mr. Colby Tackett.


Brace No. 1 saw Blair's Calvary Mountain (Tom Waite) and Pure Confidence (Garry Malzone). Tango would be first to the birds pointing towards the creek back by the cemetery. Garry put two birds in the air from beneath a cedar. Tango would continue to have a nice forward race and seven more spaced-out finds. Bob was found backing three times and was always out front.

Brace No. 2 saw Snow's Home Again Katy (Kenny Snow) and Sho Me Motu (Zach Erne). Katy brought a bird back to her handler five minutes in and was picked up. Motu would have a find at 8 in the Little Vine Loop. He had two unproductives after and was picked up.

Brace No. 3 saw Gun's Pistol Pete (Colby Tackett) and Dale Creek Tothe Max (Tom Waite). Pete's first find would be at 24 along a mile strip. With birds in the air, all was in order. Max would find his bird on the side of the big hill. Pete would get credit for a back. Max would later get picked up for manners. Pete would have another find along the creekbank by the cemetery. Colby flushed for perfectly mannered Pete. He would finish the hour hunting to the front.

Brace No. 4 saw Indian Creek Bocephus (Garry Malzone) and Chippewa's Grindstone (Zach Erne). Bo would be found standing in a feeder strip across from Andy's house. Grindstone would get credit for the back. Bo would stand again six minutes later before crossing the road. He ran a strong race but after the hour, couldn't be found and the judge pulled the tracker out. Grindstone would go up the big timber hill on the north side of Sycamore Bottoms. Zack attempted to flush but couldn't produce a bird. He tapped his dog on the head for relocation, and the bird popped.

Brace No. 5 saw Glover's Flintstone (Jack Glover) and Brushville Burton Spencer (Tom Waite). This brace was released at 2:05. Spencer would be the first to be found on point, but Tom could not produce a bird which would be the first unproductive. Flint had his first find at 15 in a feeder strip along the edge of the timber in Little Vine Loop. Flint was again found standing 25, but Jack couldn't put a bird up. At 2:34, Spencer would get his second unproductive.

At 2:42, Spencer would stand again. Tom tried to get a bird up, but after an unsuccessful relocation, he picked up Spencer. Flint was working hard, trying to dig a bird up. He took each edge, working hard for his handler. At 2:45, he would cross the road and take the right side until finding some birds on the south side. The birds tried to run on him, but he had them pinned. Jack was happy to put the birds in the air for him. Watered and released, he was on his way. This setter is a beauty to watch. Still hunting hard, Flint would go on point near a feed strip by Andy's house. With a perfect relocation, Jack flushed a single. Flint's race was big to the front and always on the edge. He would finish the hour strong, going away.

Brace No. 6 saw Craig's Runin Roxie (Craig Hiatt) braced with Sulphur Bend Firestorm (Dewayne Langley). These two broke away at 3:19 across from the clubhouse. Roxie had a single near Andy's house with all in order. She would be pointed again at 3:42. Firestorm would have the back. Roxie would get picked up. Dewayne continued on to have a find with his shorthair in Sycamore Bottom. He would finish the hour.

Brace No. 7 saw Milomix Paddy (Bill Wright) braced with Justin Crook and Fast Money. Released at 4:30, these two would run hard looking for birds. Molly would find a pair of birds in a feed strip before the big chute in Sycamore Bottoms. Paddy was standing in the briar patch. Bill couldn't produce any birds for an unproductive. At 5:10, they would have another unproductive, and Bill took the tracker. At 5:11, Molly would be picked up for manners.

It was a new day with Dale Creek's Gypsy Queen (Tom Waite) braced with Tinkers Creek R A F Gunner (Zack Erne) in brace No. 8. Queen was only five minutes off the breakaway to be pointed up. Tom needed a relocation, and the bird was flushed. Both dogs were up at 15.

Brace No. 9 saw Emert's Grouse Ringer T (Zack Erne) and Foxy Lady Sadie (Tom Waite). Breakaway at 8:27, and Sadie would be on point at 8:35 with T backing. Tom was able to put birds in the air. At 8:50, T would be pointed off the side of the briar patch in Sycamore Bottoms. With all in order, they would continue on. At 8:58, still in Sycamore Bottoms, T would go on point again. Sadie was picked up for manners. At 9:05, T pointed again behind the pond. With the bird under a cedar, Zack would put them in the air. Pointed again at 9:20 in the Little Vine Loop, T would be picked up.

Brace No. 10 saw Unfinished Business (Justin Crook) braced with Erin's Deja Vu (Garry Malzone). Turned loose at 9:43, Bess would be found holding a pair of bobs in Little Vine Loop. Garry flushed with all in order. At 10, Bess was pointed in Sycamore Bottoms. At 10:20, Garry and his classy setter would be picked up for manners. At 10:33, Justin's pointer would have an unproductive.

Brace No. 11 saw Brooks White Hot Blaze (Tom Waite) braced with Emert's Sho Me Mo (Zack Erne). Mo would have an unproductive at 11and and another at 18. Zack would pick him up.

Brace No. 12 saw Full Red Afterburn (Tom Waite) and Hey Mr. Tin Man (Kenny Snow). Tin Man had a find at 9 in Little Vine Loop. Kenny put a single in the air and continued on. At 12:25, both dogs stood for a divided find in Sycamore Bottoms. Tin Man would be picked up at 12:40. Red would continue to have more bird work behind Andy's house on the big hill. Red finished the hour hunting for more game.

Brace No. 13 saw Jimfork's Black River (Kenny Snow) and bracemate Chippewas Dog of War (Zack Erne). Breakaway at 2:19. At 2:46, River had an unproductive. At 2:58, both dogs were picked up.

Brace No. 14 saw Two Seamer and owner/handler Colby Tackett braced with Sycamore Creek Cody (Zack Erne). The dogs were released at 3:28. Jeff had a find in Sycamore Bottom at 3:50. Both dogs were found near the clubhouse and credited with a divided find. All in order, and both dogs finished the hour.

The first brace of our third day, No. 15, saw Indian Creek Alibi (Garry Malzone) braced with Raintree Blue Moon and Tom Waite. Tom's Irish setter would be 11 minutes in with a bird tucked in tight to a brush pile. Two minutes later, we would find Alley standing across from Andy's house in a feeder strip.

Brace No. 16 saw Indian Creek Courageous Cat (Garry Malzone) braced with My Buddy Brody and Bob Lais. Breakaway at 10:12. Both dogs were pointed on separate birds in the Little Vine Loop. Garry flushed but was unable to put a bird in the air. Bob was able to get a bird up for Brody. Still in the Little Vine Loop, Cat pinned down a bird. At 10:29, she finds a pair under a Cedar tree with Brody backing. Both dogs were watered and sent ahead. Cat had circled back and was picked up. Brody would have more bird work on the big hill east of the road. Needing to be relocated, the bird was not produced. Brody was picked up.

Breakaway at 11:25, brace No. 17 saw Warjam's Big Mac Daddy and Jim Corpening braced with Tim Penn and his setter, Penrosa Hidncash. Five minutes from the breakaway, Cash was on his first bird. Tim flushed and continued on. At 11:37, he had his second along a feeder strip by Andy's house. At 11:40, Mac had his first find up the big hill by the road. All was in order, and they moved on. At 12:08, the tracker was called for Mac. At 12:13, Cash was pointed again. The judges rode up a bird that wasn't seen. Tim continued his flushing attempt and produced a pair from Little Vine Loop. He finished the hour.

Brace No. 18 saw K C's Tye Oneon (Ken Sauer) and bracemate Bolts Duramax (Justin Crook). Turned loose at 12:35. Max was scratched. At 12:42, Ken's pointer would stand in the big field in Little Vine Loop. At 12:44, Ken would pick him up.

Grovespring, Mo., February 15 - One Course
Judges: Ken Chenoweth and Mark Livingston

Winner--GLOVER'S FLINTSTONE, 1691597, setter male, by Islander-Kodiak Island Bird Dog. Jack Glover, owner and handler.
Runner-Up--GUN'S PISTOL PETE, 1667396, setter male, by Barker's Big Coon-Carpenter's Daisy Duke. Colby Tackett, owner and handler.

This year's Futurity drew 22 dogs. The judges were Greg Gibson and Jim Corpening. We had six dogs on a callback, with four on standby. We want the best of the best to show us their potential. These will be next year's shooting dogs and future champions. Congratulations to these ten dogs, owners, and handlers.

In the callbacks were Glover's Liza Menelli, Indian Creek Pineapple, K C's Dominator Pat, Alliwood's Never Say Never, K C's Next Gen, and Chippewa's Dream Chaser.

On standby were The Need For Speed, Jimfork's River Girl, Dale Creek Janie Belle, and Wynona's Nickleback Mickey.


Brace No. 1 saw Glover's Liza Menelli (Jack Glover) braced with Indian Creek Pineapple (Garry Malzone). At 9:15, these two would be powerful off the breakaway. Who would score first? Pineapple, at 9:25, had a bird in a feeder strip by Andy's house. At 9:26, Liza held her birds with good manners. At 9:37, Liza was standing up the side of the hill on the east side of the road. With birds produced, they continued on. At 9:42, by the big Sycamore tree, Liza was pointed with Pineapple, also trying to locate birds. Liza stood with good manners. Pineapple was picked up. Liza would be watered later in the brace but no more bird contact. She finished the hour strong and still hunting hard.

Brace No. 2 saw K C's Dominator Pat (Ken Sauer) braced with Alliwood's Never Say Never (Adam DeLude). Breakaway was at 10:22; both dogs would be watered at 10:37. At 10:47, both dogs were standing on separate birds. Adam would flush across from the big Sycamore near the creek bank. A single was produced with all in order. Ken would make a flushing attempt around the Sycamore but could not produce a bird. At 10:52, Pat would be picked up for manners.

Brace No. 3 saw K C's Next Gen (Ken Sauer) braced with Chippewa's Dream Chaser (Zack Erne). At the 11:30 breakaway, the dogs went their separate ways. At 11:35, Ken's pointer didn't look to be running well. With something possibly wrong, he elected to pick up instead of hurting the young dog. Chase was looking in all the right spots. Zack would water at 11:48 and reset. At 11:53, Chase was standing in a briar patch in Sycamore Bottoms. With birds produced and excellent manners, they would continue on. Chase continued hitting the edges and hunting hard, finishing the hour.

Brace No. 4 saw The Need For Speed (Tom Waite) braced with Jim Fork's River Girl; Kenny Snow had already left the grounds. The brace started at 12:39, and the setter ran alone. Tom stopped to water at 12:47. At 13:15, Speed stood tall in the briar patch. Tom would do a great job getting these birds out. They would finish the hour with the birds in the air and excellent manners.

Congratulations to our Futurity winners, owners, and handlers.

nbha futuritys23

NBHA Futurity Winners (front row, from left): Glover's Liza Menelli, Tom Waite with The Need For Speed, Andy Erne with Chippewa's Dream Chaser, and Tony King with Alliwood's Never Say Never. (Back row): Randy Zimmer, Joe Zimmer, Melissa and Ken Sauer, Ken Millikin, Kevin Western, Andrea Ward, Zach Erne, Greg Gibson (judge), Jim Corpening (judge), Adam DeLude, and Futurity Director Jim Ogle.

Judges: Jim Corpening and Greg Gibson
37TH NBHA FUTURITY [Thirty-Minute Qualifying Heats; One-Hour Finals] - 22 Entries

1st--GLOVER'S LIZA MENELLI, 1695569, pointer female, by Hirollins Gone And Doneit-Crimson River Emerald. Jack Glover, owner and handler.
2d--THE NEED FOR SPEED, 1695127, setter male, by Blair's Witch Project-Big Run Bluebird. Christopher Kobs, owner; Tom Waite, handler.
3d--CHIPPEWA'S DREAM CHASER, 1698352, setter female, by Dashing Iron Kentucky Coal-Otho's Field of Dreams. Andrew & Zachary Erne, owners; Zach Erne, handler.
4th--ALLIWOOD'S NEVER SAY NEVER, 1695564, pointer female, by Touch's Grey Street-Alliwood's Shady Shay. Adam DeLude, owner and handler.

Jerry D. Kilgore Puppy Classic
Now for everyone's favorite. The judges for this class staying in the saddle were Greg Gibson and Jim Corpening. We drew 14 dogs, and the judges had their work cut out for them. We all know sometimes puppies can sometimes go wild, but these puppies knew what they were doing and were on a mission. These pups handled great and knew how to stay forward. Congrats to this year's winners, owners, handlers, and breeders.

Thank you to our judges, Mark Livingston, Ken Chenoweth, Greg Gibson, and Jim Corpening; the Missouri Bird Hunters Association, Kevin Western, Jack Glover, Randy Zimmer, and Joe Zimmer; to those who are always there for me, Tim Penn, Greg Blair, and Kristi Ogle; and our catering company, Terri & Company. Thank you also to our sponsors. Purina gives us so much in their support with dog food and coupons all year, Garmin provides collars, OnX for their memberships, Gundog Supply for gift certificates, and Gundog Central. Thank you also to the Sportsmen's Association for the use of the clubhouse, kennels, horse stalls, and fantastic grounds.

Please keep your nominations coming. Looking forward, this next year could be my payout. We always want to give back. Please remember that if you run in the Futurity and not place, you are eligible for a $2,000 bonus if your dog wins the Breeders' Championship in the future.

Judges: Jim Corpening and Greg Gibson
1st--HUBER'S ARTEMIS SUNSHINE, 1702261, Brittany female, by Biebel's Walt Longmire O'Call-O'Callahan's Run Around Sue. Aaron Patterson, Jr., owner and handler.
2d--SONIC BOOM VOM HUBER HAUS, 1701297, 1701297, pointer male, by Mac Rhoads-Lacee Jane Elhew Blackhawk. Aaron Patterson, Jr., owner and handler.
3d--MILOMIX LIZ, 1701180, Gordon setter female, by Melrose Prairie Storm-Milomix Rocky. William Wright, owner and handler.
4th--WESTERN'S SECOND CHANCE, 1701153, setter male, by Penrosa Hidncash-Shamrock's Tish. Kevin Western, owner and handler.

nbha kilgore classics23

Jerry D. Kilgore Puppy Classic Winners (front row, from left): Travis Patterson with Huber's Artemis Sunshine, Ken Sauer with Sonic Boom Vom Huber Haus, Dr. Bill Wright with Milomix Liz, and Kevin Western with Western's Second Chance. (Back row): Randy Zimmer, Joe Zimmer, judges Jim Corpening (judge), Greg Gibson (judge), Futurity Director Jim Ogle, and Tim Penn.