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Result: American Brittany Club National Open Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Booneville, Arkansas

Post Date: Feb 7, 2022

Submitted By: Leslie Like


The Winners. From left: Dennis Sullivan, course marshal, Lisa Pollock, chair, Leslie Like, reporter, John Hott, judge, Scott Johnson, handler, Connie and Julio Rodriguez owners, Richard Beaver scout with Copley Echo of Angels ("Zoie"), winner; Jim House, judge; Jessica Carlson, scout, with runner-up Hoochie Coochie Man ("Karl"), and Ed Tillson, handler.

BOONEVILLE, ARK. -- The 2021 American Brittany Club National Open Shooting Dog Championship was held in Booneville, Ark., at the Blue Mountain Wildlife Demonstration Area, located in the Arkansas River Valley between the Ouachita and Ozark Mountains. For 2021-22, alligator season was closed, but crow hunting is allowed year-round in the area.

The Blue Mountain Wildlife Area stretches over 8,200 acres owned by the Army Corps of Engineers. Rolling topography with great treelines, edges, and well-groomed fields with good cover, all in good shape. A great venue for our Nationals again this year.

We were blessed with very mild weather. Brisk cold nights and sunny days. The grounds are great quail country and there were plenty to go around for the Open. Singles and huge coveys both to give the dogs a lot to show their skills and prowess.

The Committee was headed up by Chair Lisa Pollack and Secretary Darlene Dow, an energetic and efficient team. The amiable Ed Kostka was stakes manager. With a huge continuous course through 8,000+ acres, it takes a man who knows the grounds to reliably deliver the dogs for each brace and to keep the brandy wagon chugging along. Ed showed up at all the right places and did it every day for the entire trial. He kept everyone on time and showed up in just the right spots to pick up dogs.

The Committee of John Perry, Vince Anderson, Jon St. Clair, Teresa Richmond rounded out the workers and helpers and all worked selflessly to provide a well-organized and well-run event. Their nonstop energy and worker bee attitude kept things rolling along smoothly.

Dennis Sullivan rode all day every day to serve as course marshal. Thank you for the saddle time, Dennis.

Many thanks to our judges, Jim House and John Hott. Both men have been competing and judging for decades and have a keen eye for a really good dog. Between them they have nearly a century of experience with dogs. Jim has been training and trialing for 45 years, with 21 Brittany champions to his credit and many championship judging assignments. John had an auspicious start as a teen fishing at Wehle's pond and is a well-respected pointer man with experience judging many championships.

Huge thanks to Purina for their continued generous financial support and providing Pro Plan Sport dog food for all the placing dogs and to Garmin who generously supported this event. Thank you to all who attended and especially those who competed.

The 2021 National Shooting Dog Champion was found on the fifth day in the thirtieth brace.

Congratulations to Copley Echo of Angels, known as Zoie. Ably handled by Scott Johnson and scouted by Richard Beaver, Zoie is owned by Julio and Connie Rodriguez of Vernon Hills, Ill.

Runner-up was Hoochie Coochie Man (Karl), handled by Ed Tillson and scouted by Jessica Carlson. Karl is owned by Pam Baird of Broughton, Ill.


Day 1, December 4. The committee decided on an early release in the mornings and the start times were adjusted by 15 minutes in an attempt to beat the sun going down on the tailend of the day. There was a big crowd of thirty or so in the gallery for the inaugural brace. Horses were lively and stomping and the dogs in the dog wagon were yelling for their turn. We had warm, dry weather with a light breeze. It had rained overnight so there was some water in puddles and pooled up along the course.

Turned loose at 7:50 a.m., Saradac's Dangerous Diamond Caper, handled by Lisa Pollack, and Hurricane Banjo, handled by Roger Fiorito, made a lively kick-off, foot racing down the hill. Caper had her first point at 5 pointing into a grass patch with beautiful style, high tail and rock-solid performance through the flush. Caper was pointing into a mowed waist-deep feed patch at 13. She had a small move up to lock it in. Banjo, seeing the activity moved in for a look-see but was ushered on by the scout. Caper continued her stylish ways with a lovely point and feet anchored during the flush of birds. Banjo pointed at 7. He was looking for Roger, waiting for the action to begin. Unable to find the bird, Roger relocated. Banjo moved up about six feet. Roger called a bird and fired. Moving on, Banjo bumped a bird ending his race. Caper finished on her own going away on the curve of a field, looking good at time.

Starlight's Mercury Outrider (Bob Burchett) and High Hopes Jac's Original Spice (Chad Holman) moved away smartly. Rider has an attention-grabbing ground speed. Five minutes in, Spice had a nice covey of twenty birds. Both dogs had a nice ground covering race. Spice covering the edges with direction from her handler had a point on a nice covey at 22. Both dogs moved powerfully forward on the right-hand edges. Spice was on point again, Rider honoring. Spice took two steps. Rider stayed anchored. Another point at 42 for Spice. Rider honored with good style. Chad flushed two birds, Spice made some forward movement. Rider stayed anchored. At 43 Rider had a point. His handler did a relocate. Rider moved up about twenty yards doing a thorough search. No bird. Both dogs nicely rimmed a giant field. At 59 Rider pointed nice and steady and was rewarded with birds.

Both Leona Valley's Sunny Red Side Up (Paul Dorion) and Just Call Me Lucky Ned Pepper (Frank Campbell) dug in at the take off. Ned took a nice edge and stuck a point at 9 on an edge. A nice covey of 10+ birds flushed all around him. Flat footed, steady, looked great. At 18 they had simultaneous finds about thirty yards apart, Red with great style on his point, Ned pointing in higher cover. Paul flushed for Red -- five or six quail and fired, Red was all in order. Some flew toward Ned. Ned stayed steady. Frank flushed Ned's birds, another dozen, Ned looked good. The judge rode up another bird. Both dogs held. At 23 both dogs were moving along at a great clip. Ned pointed, Red honored stylishly. Ned got a rabbit for his trouble. Both dogs off nicely, making hay. Red checked back in with Paul and caught an edge which pulled him off to the right down a road in the wrong direction. At 37 Ned slowed to a stop, birds in the air. He's up. Red on point, very stylish. Head high and tail. Nice size covey at time.

No. 4 had Turning Points Shenanigans (Mark Claypool) and Bama Jama Willy's Sassie Sadi (Bob Burchett). They moved forward nicely, well out from the judges. Both handlers urged their dogs around the Fish Hook. It took a bit of work. Bob worked hard to get Sadie back. Shandy had point at 43. A nice single. Shandy had a second point on the edge of the cover at 50, very nice style, a small covey handled perfectly. Shandy snapped into another point on an edge, moved up one, two lengths, then came up empty handed for her effort. Sadie worked hard in the thicker cover, but also came up empty for her hour.

Lapat's Cody (Al Cropek) and Romence's Life of Riley (Bob Burchett). The start was a bit bumpy with a loose horse. Handlers paused to let dogs soak in the puddle and get back in the game. Cody went off to the left and had a find at 28 in the edge of deep grass. Looked steady for his four or five birds with a small mark to watch them fly. Cody in the cover, birds seen coming out ahead of him. Chased about fifty feet. He's up. Riley with a nice smooth handle for Bob cruised the edges, working hard. She went on point, high head, high tail. Went around the corner and she went on point again into thick head high cover. Nice style, staunch on a single. One more find with five quail. Riley was a bird-finding machine.

Just Call Me Eli (Kyle Merrill) and Marjo's Fille DeLa Bretagne (Robert Goldman). The handlers took off with purpose and worked well ahead of the judges. "Brie" stood tall on the edge of a thicket, 10 o'clock tail, high head. Four quail. Nice and staunch. Both dogs gone a while. Eli appeared ahead. "Brie" coming up, hit a point. High head, high tail, looking sharp. Took the handler a while to work the thick cover, dog looked steady, relocates. "Brie" went into another thicket row, disappeared but popped out ahead and kept moving. No bird. Unproductive at 44. Brie on point with great style in a shallow ravine; three or four quail, rock solid. Eli had bird work at the same time. Bob got Brie around Eli's work smoothly. At 56 Brie had another point, nice style, handled a relocate on a single.

Posted dog: Marjo's Fille DeLa Bretagne (Brie).

No. 7: High Velocity Copper Magnum (Vince Anderson) and TNT's Nymph in Harlem Pants (Bob Burchett). Temperature in the 70s. Both dogs had a snappy start, a foot race to the front. Colt's scout and handler swapped horses. Jazz pointed at 12 with a 10'oclock tail. Colt moved in and tried to take credit for the find. He was retired for the day. Bob flushed 6+ quail and Jazz handled all the fuss with aplomb. At 22 another stylish find, staunch at flush. Jazz was gone a bit and Bob backtracked to find her buried. Bob waded in, shot and birds flew. Jazz was too deep to see. Judge waded in behind the handler to watch the action. When Jazz narrowed her run she was leashed at 49.

Gun Creek Gangster (Chad Holman) and Sniksoh Worthy Expense (Bob Burchett). Attractive start, but "Doc" narrowed his race early. Spense leading the way. Worked them around the Fish Hook. Doc on the road. At 27 Doc was pointing in tall grass, was relocated, moved up and pointed at twenty yards; 10 o'clock tail, staunch. Still came up empty for his effort. Spense made a nice cast in heavy cover and came out front. At 50 a point for Spense. Nice covey of ten, he was handsome and staunch. Doc was on point at 55 in a treeline. Relocated twice. This time he had birds, one step. At 57 both dogs on point. Both handlers working it, both fired and rewarded by a small covey. Nice cruise around the fields. Spense pointing with nice style, Doc honoring. Bob could not locate a bird and had a barren point at time.

No. 9 had Pretty Blue Eyes a Sweet Touch of Charlie B (Bob Bakas) and Beech River's Light 'Em Up Lulu (Travis Shuler). Handlers were well out front of the judges off the line, both dogs animated, speedy. Lulu pointed at 20. Very pretty style, looked good. Charlie zoomed past, ending his day. Lulu had two birds, all in order. At 30 Lulu on point. Handler flushed; birds flew. When handler walked back to dog more birds were and kicked up. She handled it well. Lulu's race narrowed and at 45 she was on a rope.

Atos (Jackie Hutwagner) and I'm Your Man (Ben Lorenson) were strong off the line, both forward with good speed. Handlers well out in front of the judges. Both dogs gone a while. At 6 Gus was found on point with a 10 o'clock tail. He had one bird and a small move to mark. Atos moving forward with great ground speed. A bird popped out of the grass; Atos stopped, handler fired, all in order. Atos worked the fields, speedy and animated, tearing along on the right, Gus rimming the fields with a nice forward race on the left. Both dogs working hard. Atos was on point into a little feed patch. Staunch. Relocate, but Atos wouldn't move. After the second attempt, he moved up about fifty feet and handsomely pointed a nice covey. Gus on point, small turn to mark. At 59 Gus on point; a relocation turned up nothing at time.

With a nice take off, Trio's I'm Finn Tastic at Campbell's (Bob Burchett) and Jazz Em Up Arrow (Rick Hastings) rimmed the field, laying em down with nice speed going flat out. Both dogs forward and easily handled around Fish Hook with no problem. A brief chase in the trees and Arrow was up. At 45 Finn was pointing into heavy cover with high head. Finn faded after a prolonged flushing attempt and was up.

Sigbrit's Not a Trace of Rust (Kyle Merrill) and Nalko des Sentiers du Ramier II (Jackie Hutwagner) had a great start. Nalko is a pocket rocket. Both dogs moving well. At 33 Nalko was staunchly on point just inside the edge of cover. Relocated. He looked hard but didn't turn up anything. Handler moved him on. He covers ground at amazing speed. At 33 Nalko on point. It was a large covey moving on the ground in front of him. He handled it well. At 37 Rusty had a point, but it was barren. Both dogs were not to their handlers liking and they were retired for the day.

Posted: Sniksoh Worth Expense (Spence) Atos, and I'm Your Man (Gus).

Day No. 3 began with No. 13: York County Cruizer (Cody) with Ben Lorenson and Urban American Legend (Urbi), handled by Steve Chang. Urbi is short and busy, ahead across the field. Gone a minute, popped out ahead then gone for a while. Urbi soon pointed with a 10 o'clock tail. There was an extended search. On relocation the dog went up an edge and kept going. He spotted Cody and left his own work to honor Cody. Cody is on point now at 43; relocated a couple of times. He kept his fine style, but hard work in heavy cover brought no reward. Cody was finally rewarded with a mannerly find at 57.

Miss Behavin' (Al Cropak) and BNT's Sundance Kid Rock (Scott Johnson). Rocky tore on out, hitting the first field rim and smok'n it. Ivy is liking the pace too. At 11 Ivy on point with a 12 o'clock tail in a small grove. Her reward is a half dozen quail. Rocky had his own find at 21, handled well. Both dogs moving forward nicely. Rock and Ivy point at 31. A a breach of manners that ended the day for both.

Hoochie Coochie Man (Ed Tillson) and Kid's Royal Casey (Bruce Heiter) had a strong and aggressive forward start off the line.At 9 Karl snapped into point; 11 o'clock tail. Casey honoring nicely. Ten birds right under Karl's nose. Ed fired with Karl staunch as a rock. Casey made a 180 and was ordered up by the judges for his error. Working steady and hard Karl moved forward. At 27 Karl was on point with a 10 o'clock tail. Three birds, he didn't move a whisker. Continuing, Karl had bold moves to the front and worked all the cover. He covered a lot of ground and was consistently forward and always going where you wanted to see him. He ended going away.

Cross Creek Sovereign Pop A Top Top (Bob Burchett) and Supernova (Scott Johnson). It was sunny and breezy. Nova was on point in the middle of the field at 2 minutes. An armadillo! Then off to look for the real thing at good speed. At 15 Jackson had a stylish, staunch find on a large covey. At 15 Nova on point, handled well, all in order. At 22 both dogs in the trees looking uncertain--maybe a deer bed? Saw deer cross the field a minute earlier. At 24 Nova had an empty point. Both dogs were up at 27 when not pleasing their handlers

M N M's Grouse Gunning Gracie (Kyle Merrell) rimmed the first field just laying them down. She had a mission and then she was gone. At 19 Ramblin Gamblin Willie (Al Cropek) was on point. Al relocated several times in a tough clump of trees with thick underbrush. Al worked it hard and so did Willie but, in the end, could not produce a bird. Willie had a little chase and he was up.

Diamond Hill Sunshine and Whiskey (Lisa Pollack) and Sovereign's Judge and Jury- (Bob Burchett). At 4 J J was on point on the edge. Birds boiling out and running. Dani honored about thirty yards back. J J staunch. Handled flawlessly. At 7 J J was pointing, 10 o'clock tail, high head. Relocate, J J softened a bit, relocate again, two steps on flush. Lisa picked up Dani at 11. J J hunting hard had a long dry spell with no birds even though he was going everywhere he should. At 50 one bird popped up from the cover, then the covey boiled out. A breach in manners ended his race.

Posted was Hoochie Coochie Man (Karl).

Morning the fourth day started at 32 with ice on the puddles. Shortly into the course deer were seen moving across the field; a pair of big does.

Simon Standing Stone (Ed Tillson) and Dogwood's Bennelli (Bob Burchett). Gus looked, but thought the better of it. Both dogs moving forward with good ground speed, Benny hitting it hard. Gus gone a bit. At 28 Benny pointed at a feeder under a fir tree. The birds started running and so did Benny. We saw Gus at 34. He's off to hunt and Ed pulled the retrieval device at 49.

Magnum High Velocity (Vince Anderson) and Coos Triple Six (Scott Johnson). Boomer is off to the right and looked like a million bucks rimming the field. Gauge checked out some likely cover and both dogs moved on in very nice fashion. At 11 Gauge scores the first point. All in order. Both dogs rimmed another field. Another point for Gauge at 20, Boomer honoring. Both dogs look good. Vince relocated, Gauge rewarded with a covey of 20 or so which he stood with fine style. Both dogs off smartly again. At 42 Gauge was buried in heavy thicket, Boomer pointing as well. Ten quail boiled out. Only Vince shot. Gauge on point at 51, all in order and again at time around the corner from his previous find. Both staunch. Boomer continued his attractive ways along the edges. Gauge tapering off. Both dogs going away at time.

Pursuit's Little Phoenix (Phoebe) handled by Bob Burchett and TJ's Black Diamond (Coal) with John Perry. After a nice take off, both dogs did a good job on running the edges. At 10 Phoebe pointed with fancy style. Bob dismounted and fired. Phoebe softened her style and not pleasing handler was up. Coal on point in hedgerow, 10 o'clock style. Handled well, staunch. Coal was reaching for distant cover. He was not visible for an extended period. At 42 his handler employed the retrieval unit.

Day No, 4. Scout Upland Trailblazer (Ed Tilson) and Shailorville's Gunner (Ben Lorenzon) were way with speed and animation. Gunner working hard, hauling the mail, using all the course. Scout did a nice job of rimming the fields, covering all the likely hideouts. Gunner on point at a feeder under a pine, 11 o'clock tail, great style and six birds handled perfectly. Gunner on point again in a blanket of quail. The ground was alive with birds. Ben had to run to get them to lift. At least thirty boiled out in every direction. Gunner was frozen on point. Another, just a single, to wrap it up for Gunner. Gunner pushed the edges of the course and worked it near and far. Scout was still missing at time.

Woodsong's Honky Tonkin Hank (Scott Johnson) was laying it down, moving forward well and Knine's Finale's Way To Go (Paul Dorion) was keeping up and working the edges. Both dogs had attractive ground speed. Hank on point at 11. Looked nice, out in an open field. He stayed steady for the long ride to him; 10 o'clock tail. He had a nice little covey. Allie was ordered up on judges' opinion she blinked a back on Hank. Rounding the Fish Hook with Hank, the scout really earned his pay. Heavy cover coming around the side of the Fish Hook took its toll. At 44 Hank slowed and was up.

No. 24: Sniksoh's Hank's Hatch (Bob Burchett) and Almaden's Under Lock and Key (Ed Tillson) running hard to start. "Oudi" made a bold move to the front intent on finding birds. Hatch more to the left and working another line. At 3 minutes Hatch pointed; 11 o'clock tail. Great intensity. He was a in a grove of trees and heavy cover. Bob started to flush, and Hatch helped. The ground was blanketed with birds. Not sure how Hatch got in the middle of them without making them lift. He was good till he wasn't. At 8 Oudi was pointing with nice style. Eight flew and still more moving on the ground. He was staunch and anchored. Oudi continued working the lines and field impressively. He tapered off in the last 10 minutes, going well, but shorter.

Magnum High Velocity (Gauge) and Almaden's Under Lock and Key (Oudie) posted.

Day No. 5 was sunny and 30 this morning. Dream Catcher's Windstorm (Kyle Merrill) and Kinwashkly Speed Racer (Paul Dorion) were off with good ground- covering speed. At 5 Paul's dog was pointing in the treeline at a feeder with 10 o'clock style. Kyle's dog honored then changed her mind. She was up. The point was barren. At 30 Paul picked him up; he was animated, but not forward going.

Starlight's Callisto Moon (Bob Burchett) and Godfather's FN Rockstar (Steve Chang). An animated start, going forward, one on each side. Good speed. They both got around Fish Hook smoothly. At 19 Rocky was on point, he moved up. No bird at this spot. At 33 Rocky went into thick, shoulder high cover. Steve relocated. Rocky moved up twenty yards or so, no bird. At 47 Cal still had no bird and was hunting. At 49 Rocky hung up in thick cover. Rocky popped out, standing, flagging as the birds flew. At 52 Rocky was up. At 60 Cal was birdless despite a good effort.

Sligo Sam (Ben Lorenson) and Sonny's Hot Summer Breeze (Paul Doiron). Nice start off the line, Breezy leading the way. At 23 Breezy went on point with beautiful style. High head and tail. She did a relocate taking a line into deeper cover. Searching. No bird. Sam working a bit ahead of Breezy now. Paul called point for Breezy at 51. A lengthy flush attempt came up empty. Both dogs ended their day birdless.

Diamond Hill Ain't My Fault (Lisa Pollack) and Blaze Away Bonita (Bob Burchett). Scout laid down a race with impressive speed. Boo worked more cover. At 12 Scout was pointing in thick, high cover. High head, nice style. Lisa flushed two quail for her. At 27 Lisa used the retrieval unit when Scout had an extended absence. Boo, too, had been working out of sight. Bob worked his vocals and Boo came in at 37. At 41 Boo was up.

Wingra's Indy Go Indy Indy (Kyle Merrill) and Spanish Ranch's Full Blown Gale (Paul Doiron). Great start off the line. Gale rimmed her second field, Indy working further in the trees. At 12 Gale was on point, uncertain, staunched up, relocate. No bird here. At 13 Indy is on point, but the stand barren. Both got around the Fish Hook in good order. At 38 Indy was on point, looking great in shoulder-high cover, Gale honoring with good style. Kyle worked hard, but came up empty. At 45 Indy on point again and finally rewarded with a single. All in order. At 50 Indy on point and Gale honoring. Kyle relocates and comes up empty once again. Indy picked up. Gale ended her day birdless.

Copley Echo of Angels (Scott Johnson) and Sniksoh Evolution (Jeff Hoskins). An exciting start with both dogs fast off the line. Both dogs on point simultaneously. At 3 min Zoie looks like a million bucks, high head, high tail. Her bird handled well. Eve looks great, relocates, long search, but comes up empty. At 25 Eve was gone on a relocate. Her day was ended early. At 29 Zoie swapped ends into a point that produced ten birds. Steady as a rock and pretty as a picture. Taking off she is still snappy, running a narrow forward course. At 45 on point with a small covey as her reward. At 52 she is on point in an edge, the birds came out--two then six. She stayed staunch and steady. At 56 she got in the water and was going away at time.

Copley Echo ofAngels (Zoie) posted.

The final day. Nice weather at 52 . Red Granite's Henry Will Be a Star (Bob Bakas) and Dan De Tyghten Up (Steve Chang) were off straight away, lots of enthusiasm, moving out smartly. Cinch a nice rim of the first field, stretching out. Henry on point working a hot spot, but nothing there. He is working to keep forward, canvassing those side objectives. Cinch is working cautiously. At 35 the judges ended their day.

Sniksoh Little Diamond (Scott Johnson )and Dynamitemakeit (Paul Dorion) were off nicely, Dyna tight to the edge. Nice rim of a field by Kate, running hard. Headed for Fish Hook Kate needed a little encouragement to make the sharp turn. Dyna comes along more easily. Both dogs really putting it down. Handlers are smok'n the pace. At 28 Kate pointed with nice style. Birds flew and she was staunch. She moved forward smartly, getting back to business. Dyna working the field edges left and right with good speed. Dyna found a hot spot, but nothing to work. At 49 Kate pointed in heavy cover. Scott dismounted and thirty birds boiled out. Kate handled it perfectly. Kate slowed at the end. Dyna's still moving diligently, but ended her day with no bird.

The last brace, the last day, gorgeous weather with blue skies and wispy white clouds.

D P's's Little Bit of Mahem (Bob Burchett), as a bye, was all business and headed off to the right. At 3 she was on point with a 10 o'clock tail. A whole covey rises round her. She stands it beautifully. Very classy. She moved along with nice speed, digging into the treelines looking for more. Found a hot spot, but moved on. At the pavilion field she was deep in the cover with the scout looking for her. Working the feed patches hard, but close. At 26 her handler elected to retire her for the day.

Booneville, Ark., December 4

Judges: John Hott and Jim House


CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] -- 65 Brittanys

Winner--COPLEY ECHO OF ANGELS, 1662630, female, by Shelttany's Against All Odds--Libertie Copley More Mimosa. Julie Rodriguez, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.

Runner-Up--HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN, 1683560, male, by Ramblin Man--Independence Day. Pam Baird, owner; Ed Tillson, handler.