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Event: Hirollins Gone And Doneit Named Champion; Crow Creek Redbud, Runner-Up
Result: Region 5 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Williamsburg, Missouri

Post Date: May 16, 2023

Submitted By: Tim Penn

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Region 5 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship Winners (from left): Warren Parrott with Hirollins Gone And Doneit and Aaron McAfee with Crow Creek Redbud. (Back): Randy Zimmer, Cliff Monroe, Jillian Stuhr (judge), Garry Malzone (judge), Tim Penn, and Joe Zimmer.

The AFTCA Region 5 Walking Shooting Dog Championship was held at the Whetstone Conservation Area near Williamsburg, Mo. This year's Championship had 17 entries competing for the title, which started on Saturday, March 25. Whetstone Conservation Area is managed by Ben Diekman and his team of dedicated workers. Their efforts to improve the quail habitat have made for an excellent area to show a dog. This year the grounds were in perfect condition; the fields were open with ample cover and edges to attract and hold quail.

Judging duties were done by Garry Malzone and Jillian Stuhr of Franklin, N. J. We were fortunate to have Garry and Jill in the saddle to evaluate the competition of this stake. Their experience of campaigning for dogs nationwide and their winning success is unmatched. We thank them for their time, and their decisions were well received.

This year's champion, Hirollins Gone And Doneit (PM), emerged from brace No. 2. His performance set the standard for the remaining braces. This champion is owned and handled by Warren Parrott of Stranton, S. C. The runner-up champion, Crow Creek Redbud (PF), came from the last brace. She is owned by Ken Black of Washington, Ill., and was handled by Aaron McAfee of Edinburg, Ill.

Tim Penn and Kevin Western of the North Missouri Field Trial Club were co-chairs for this trial. With heavy rains from Friday night, the Saturday morning start was delayed by 30 minutes. The course was wet and slick with the extra rain, but it did improve as the day went on. A big thanks to our helpers, Ralph Niemeyer, for bringing his side-by-side to use as the dog wagon, Joe Zimmer, who came with his ATV to help bring dogs to the line and get them picked up as needed, and Randy Zimmer, who was the behind-the-scenes director who ensured what dogs were needed next. We are very appreciative of all their help.

The Running
Brace No. 1 paired Walker's Legacy with Aaron McAfee and Double D's Red Lancelot with Dan Draffen. Legacy ran a forward race and finished the hour with no bird work. Red had an absent early, appeared to the front, and had a find at 31 with good manners. He became lost, and the tracker was called for at 58.

In brace No. 2, Milomix Paddy, with Bill Wright, started her score with a back at 22. She went on to have a find a 26 with good manners and a woodcock find at 36. She became lost at 55, and the tracker was called for. Hirollins Gone And Doneit, with Warren Parrott, had a find at 22, showing good style and manners. At 42, he carded his second find again, showing good manners and style. His race was to the front and consistent, setting the bar for the following competitors.

In brace No. 3, Craig's Runin Roxie, with Craig Hiatt, made some good moves and had finds at 19 and 33. She was making a push to make it to the winners' table finishing the hour. She just fell short this weekend to the eventual winners. Bracemate Blue Mound's True Class, with Dan Crunk, couldn't get on track today, and the tracker was called for at 16.

In brace No. 4, R Z Zuzu, with Randy Zimmer, moved up from No. 9 to fill the void left when Western's Whistlin Dixie had to be scratched. Zu had finds at 22 and another at 31. She became out of pocket, and the tracker was called for at 50. My Way Little Bud with Cliff Monroe had some bad luck with an unproductive at 13 and another at 18.

In brace No. 5, Twiggy, with Cliff Monroe, was pointed at 12. Cliff elected not to flush and sent Twiggy on, he later became lost, and the tracker was called for at 30. Chief Deception with Tim Penn was picked up at 12 when he didn't recognize his opportunity to back.

In brace No. 6, Hirollins B K Bulletproof, with Warren Parrott, finished the hour scoring one find at 38. Glover's Flintstone, with Jack Glover, was picked up at 35 for a breach of manners.

Brace No. 7 paired Penrosa Hidncash with Tim Penn and Fast Money with Brian Stockrahm. Their bid ended at 19.

In brace No. 8, Crow Creek Redbud, with Aaron McAfee, ran a big forward race, scored her find at 45, and displayed excellent manners; her performance was the closest to the winner earning her runner-up. Bracemate The Treasure Chest, with Cliff Monroe, finished the hour but went birdless.

Williamsburg, Mo., March 25 - One Course
Judges: Garry Malzone and Jillian Stuhr

Winner--HIROLLINS GONE AND DONEIT, 1679825, pointer male, by Fastforward's B K Gunner-Littlewing B K Tia. Warren Parrott, owner and handler.
Runner-Up--CROW CREEK REDBUD, 1697119, pointer female, by Walker's Legacy-Redbud's Country Girl. Ken Black, owner; Aaron McAfee, handler.