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Result: NGSPA Sharptail Championships

Location: Baker, Montana

Post Date: Nov 15, 2022

Submitted By: Tom Davis

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The 2022 edition of the NGSPA Sharptail Championships is in the books. A big "thank you" to Dean Wang, Kelley Dacharme and mike Gunderson, rancher for the use of their very valuable land resource. Without them, the trial would not exist. A big "thank you" to Dean and Diane Crabbs for their continued support. Even in Dean's declining health, he was a huge source of help. Diane and my brother, Terry Davis, also did a great job manning the dog wagon duties. A big "thank you" to Ray and Tammi Larrondo, whose help makes running this trial a lot easier. Lastly, a big "thank you" to the people who volunteered their time and experience to adjudicate this event. Those people being Sherry Ebert, R. J. Marquart and James Jurgenson. Thanks Guys!!

Due to the heat and hubris, this year's trial was an unmitigated failure. The temperature was in the mid 90s, as it always is this time of year on the high plains. When a couple of the young participants weren't able to gain control of the running of the trial, they took their dogs and went home. Because of a lack of entrants, only two stakes were able to be fun. Thanks to people like Brandon Blum, Ray Larrondo, Dean Crabbs and, newcomers Joe Amatulli and Kirk Loftin, who proved to be gentlemen and especially sportsmen during this trying vent. Sherry Ebert and Richie Robertson, both accomplished and prominent dog trainers, commented to this scribe, they had never seen a field trial cancelled because of heat.

This is a different day and age we are living in.

NGSPA Sharptail Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

Brace 1 Winston too short for stake, hunted hard no birds. Rocky at 6, gone for 7 minutes and showed from the rear, 45 minutes ran well but felt apart.

Brace 2 Coop lost at the cast off and Amatulli soon found him. Blue made some nice moves, found birds at 55, but chased. This dog could have been placed.

Brace 3 Hammer, covered a lot of ground but was everywhere, had a good find at 48. Bobbi very erratic pattern, had a stop to flight at 45, bird rode up by handler.

Brace 4 scratched.

Brace 5 Cupid, handler lost for long time, dog scratched. Jim, Brandon Blum handler, very nice shooting dog that was very competitive, but was birdless.

Brace 6 Madison, very good forward race, at 14 had a very stylish find on a single, continued on until ending in a very birdy place, finished with plenty of gas in 95 degree plus heat.
Rommei, a weak back at 14 and an unproductive at 34, dog finished in the front.

Brace 7 Dylan, in heat, picked up early. Reba, in heat, not pleasing and picked up.

Brace 8 Sam, nice race, stopped to flight at 14, finished well. Lexi, unproductive at 20 and 35, short race for stake.

Brace 9 Toby, never started well, short and application, picked up at 45. Cowboy similar race with one nice cast at 45.

Brace 10 Daryl started out well with a big cast at start, was picked up at 55.
Madison was named champion, no runner-up was named.

Baker, Mont., September 3
Judges: Sherry Ebert and R. J. Marquart

Winner-B M B'S MADISON ACE, 1670283, female, by Trueblu's B D K Ace Inthe Hole-Time to Pay the Piper. Jennifer & Brandon Blum, owners; Brandon Blum, handler.

Brace 1 Lewey nice race, birdless, little short at times. Fairgo find at 25, nice all-age cast, at 29 got behind briefly, finished well.

Brace 2 Hewey find at 42, big covey, race was good but not as strong as champion. Cupid nice race, all-age, birdless.

Brace 3 Sam, find at 5, unproductive at 32, picked up because of heat at 47. B J find at 6, got hot and short, picked up at 37.

Brace 4 River best all-age race of the stake, but birdless. Coop picked up because of cactus.
Fairgo was named champion and B M B's Freeloader was named runner-up.

Judges: Sherry Ebert and James J. Jurgenson

Winner-TULLI'S FARAWAY GIDDYUP, 1668019, female, by Hi N's Feed Jake-Tulli's Excess. Joe Amatulli, owner and handler.
Runner-Up-B M B'S FREELOADER, 1678664, male, by B M B's Free Ride-Hightailing Saddle's Mandolin. Jennifer & Brandon Blum, owners; Brandon Blum, handler.