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Result: Region 19 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Augusta, Wisconsin

Post Date: Jun 27, 2023

Submitted By: Kyle Peterson

Region 19 ASDChs23

Region 19 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship Winners (l-r): Ben McKean with Northwoods Sir Gordon and Joe Colglazier with Flambeau River Meg.

The Minnesota Grouse Dog Association hosted the 2023 Region 19 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship. The trial was originally slated to be held at the MGDA trial grounds, but Mother Nature's grasp proved too strong. The snow and road conditions to and from the courses left the MGDA with one option, to call an audible. With the help, guidance, and grace of the Chippewa Valley Grouse Dog Association, the trial was moved to Augusta, Wis. Located in the Eau Claire County Forest, the CVGDA grounds are a premier venue for cover dog field trials and have been holding trials in or around the same area since 1968. It should come as no surprise; moving a field trial for a host club comes with hurdles. These hurdles could not have been cleared if not for a concerted effort from all Region 19 clubs. Winter may have left earlier in Wisconsin than it did in Minnesota, but it still took its toll on the courses. With the help of many volunteers, just a week before the running, we were able to get six courses ready for the Championship, a true testament to the state of Region 19 cover dog trials.

The Championship
Tough conditions require tough judges. We were lucky to secure two qualified and attentive judges for the Championship--Bill Frahm of Minong, Wis., and Scott Anderson of Scandia, Minn.
With the unseasonably hot weather, just a few days removed from snow and flood warnings, birds were hard to come by. The hot and dry weather made scenting conditions very tough. After the last brace and some deliberation, the judges decided to call a few dogs back. Dogs requested to be ready were: Northwoods Sir Gordon (Ben McKean, owner and handler), North Slopes Allie (Ed Graddy, owner and handler), Hidden Acres Sand Man (Joe Landowski, owner and handler), and Northwoods Atlas (Greg Johnson, owner and handler). The only dog elected to be seen and first on the ground was the eventual champion.

Named champion was Northwoods Sir Gordon, or "Gordo," a 6-year-old black and white male setter, owned and handled by Ben McKean of Minnetrista, Minn. Gordo took to the "gas line" course in the fifth brace. This brace came in the heat of the day, the second brace after lunch. From the breakaway until the judges called time, the powerful setter searched the likeliest places at the edge of bell range for the entire hour. He showed up for Ben when and where he needed to, fast and forward. Overheard in the gallery was, "Eighty degrees isn't slowing that dog down." No birds were found in the hour, but it certainly was not for lack of effort. Gordo was called back, and after 20 minutes on the ground, he was found dug in deep in a young cut, standing proud. Ben produced a woodcock; all was in order. A champion was named.
Named runner-up champion was a 6-year-old tri-color female setter, Flambeau River Meg, owned and handled by Joseph Colglazier of North Liberty, Ind. Meg drew the fourth brace, the first after the lunch break. Seventy-nine degrees at the breakaway, Meg was hard charging on the Wilson Park course. At 15, Meg's bell stopped to the front and down the hill from the course. As the gallery approached, Meg was seen standing. Joe flushed wide, and a woodcock took flight. All was in order. After her bird contact, Meg scoured the rest of the course for another, the rest of her time on the ground. Her effort and bird work earned her runner-up champion.

Augusta, Wis., April 14
Judges: Scott Anderson and Bill Frahm
REGION 19 AMATEUR WALKING SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 1 German Shorthair, 2 Pointers and 14 Setters

Winner--NORTHWOODS SIR GORDON, 1674314, setter male, by Erin's Prometheus-Northwoods Carly Simon. Ben McKean, owner and handler.
Runner-Up--FLAMBEAU RIVER MEG, 1670686, setter female, by Grouse Busters Zeke-Cornerwood Mya Storm. Joseph Colglazier, owner and handler.

Minnesota Grouse Dog Association
The Open Derby and Open Puppy
Thanks to the judges--Jordan Pharris, Brainerd, Minn., and Joe Landowski, Howard Lake, Minn.-- two very qualified, attentive judges for a large spring derby stake.

First place was awarded to Morgan, a white and black pointer female owned by Robert Zielke and handled by Rod Lein.
Morgan had a grouse find early on in her brace at 5, showing that she could pinpoint birds in less-than-ideal weather conditions. She then went on to prove that she was deserving of the placement by laying down a consistently forward-flowing race that was far-reaching at times and handled smoothly for Rod until time was called.
Second place went to Rhonda, a white and orange setter female owned and handled by Scott Anderson.
Rhonda showed the judges early on that she knew her purpose in the woods. She had a grouse contact at 10 and spent the rest of her brace diligently looking for birds. The judges couldn't help but comment on her determination to find birds and how she never faltered from the task at hand. That and a good response to her handler Scott made the judges happy with their decision.
Third place went to Amos, a white and liver pointer male owned and handled by Ben Brettingen.

Amos displayed great maturity in the woods by showing judges he knew where to go to look for birds and how to look good doing it. Amos made consistent big forward moves in search of birds yet still showed great response to the calls of his handler. Although no birds were produced for Ben, Amos impressed the judges with his abilities.

Judges: Joe Landowski and Jordan Pharris
OPEN DERBY- 10 Pointers and 11 Setters

1st--OVER THE HILL MORGAN, 1699010, pointer female, by J T H Scion-Over The Hill Patty. Robert Zielke, owner; Rod Lein, handler.
2d--PLANET QUEEN, 1702708, setter female, by Rufus Del Fuego-Stumbo's Scarlet. Scott Anderson, owner and handler.
3d--HACKBERRY'S AMOS MOSES, 1695788, pointer male, by Elhew Sinbad-Numark Surefire Peg. Ben Brettingen, owner and handler.

minnesota grouse ods23

Open Derby Winners (l-r): Rod Lein with Over The Hill Morgan, Jordan Pharris (judge), Scott Anderson with Planet Queen, Joe Landowski (judge), and Ben Brettingen with Hackberry's Amos Moses.

Judges: Ben Brettingen and Chris Bye
OPEN PUPPY - 2 Pointers and 4 Setters

1st--NORTHWOODS CEDAR EDGE, 1703153, setter female, by Snyder's Pioneer Scout-Northwoods Cedar. Eric Saetre, owner; Lindsay Saetre, handler.
2d--MINNESOTA RED CONFIDENCE, 1702232, pointer male, by True Confidence-Red Sunshine. James Wood, owner and handler.
3d--PAIGE'S WAGGERS LILY, 1703739, pointer female, by Touch's Malcolm Story-G H
Thunderbolt Star. Alex Anderson, owner and handler.

The Minnesota Grouse Dog Association would like to thank our sponsors--Purina, for supplying dog food to the winners. We also thank OnX for contributing to our cover dog trials. Along with sponsors, several individuals need thanks as well. Region 19 club members Chris Bye, Neil Boos, Eric and Lindsay Saetre, Alex Anderson, Paul Bukovich, Brent Sittlow, Rod Lein, and Jim Kleve helped with the course cutting to get the grounds in order. Roger King and Rod Lein helped tremendously with their knowledge of the grounds and course order to keep things running smoothly. Jim Kleve took lunch orders and delivered lunch daily for the many people in attendance. Collectively, everyone in attendance helped when needed, especially with moving vehicles and having dogs ready to run to keep things running smoothly.

minnesota grouse ops23-

Open Puppy Winners (l-r): Lindsay Saetre with Northwoods Cedar Edge, Judge Ben Brettingen (judge), Minnesota Red Confidence with Rylee Wood, Chris Bye (judge), and Alex Anderson with Paige's Waggers Lily.