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Result: English Setter Club of America

Location: Medford, New Jersey

Post Date: Jun 29, 2023

Submitted By: Lloyd Miller

The English Setter Club of America conducted its seventh annual special Lee Bird Classic, an end of the field trial year trial, over the weekend of May 12th to May 14th on the club's historical grounds at Medford, N. J. The trial drew a very good entry with a full slate of running each day.

The weatherman had predicted some thunder showers over weekend with a cold front and wind (possible tornado) passing through the area, but it held off some with only a minor inconvenience of a stoppage in running, which we worked around it and all the club program and festivities were able to be completed with only minor delays. This trial is a celebration of another year of field trialing which gets together all the English Setter Club of America members (both who are owners of continental dogs and American Field) plus friends to run dogs together and enjoy each other's company both running good dogs and enjoying great food and saying thanks for the sport we all love. I believe all enjoyed themselves and had a great time winning some stakes and taking some prizes home along the way, besides the great food served up by Nancy and Karen Lordi, and Gary Miller during the day and each night of the trial.

The club would thank Karen Lordi and Stacey Goodie for co-chairing the trial this year. The club also thanks Joe Cincotta, Matt and Norman Basilone, John Frank, Nancy Lordi, Gary Miller, Bob Brooks, and others for their help with this trail. Also, a special thanks to our bird planters for doing an excellent job and to our Professional, Matt Basilone, and all the amateurs for their entries and for their continued support. It was a big effort and thanks go to all for another successful event.

The club would also like to thank SBHA (Southern Bird Hunter's Association) for sponsoring this event as well as others who donated to make this trial a great event.
We had a great slate of judges for this trial. The club thanks all of them for their work and time in the saddle and their decisions were well received.

The running started Friday May 12. The winner of the horseback Open All-Age emerged as Erin's Johnny Walker, white and liver pointer male, owned by Theodore Roach and Harrison Lee of Fort Wayne, Indianna and handled by Brian Sanchez of Central Islip, NY. He had one standout quail find coupled with an excellent forward race to take the top spot. The second and third spots were withheld.

The second stake on Friday was the running of the Open Derby. The winner was Great River Stallion, white and orange pointer male, owned by Great River Kennels and handled by Brian Sanchez. Stallion was a standout on quail scoring three times coupled with an equally good forward race. Taking second was Rooster's Ringo, pointer male, owned and handled by Enrico Cangelosi of Vineland, N. J. Ringo had two finds (one broke to shot) and a real good race to front. Briar Patch Juice, setter male, rounded out the placements with third. Juice showed well on the ground and scored on one real classy find on quail. Juice is owned by Marvin Roth of Trenton, N. J. and ably handled by Matt Basilone. It was a good derby stake and it will be interesting to see how these young dogs mature and develop in the fall on into the future.
The next stake was the Open Restricted Shooting Dog. Taking the top spot was Nottingham's Storm Bandit, pointer male, owned and handled by Roger Dvorak of Elkton, Md. Storm scored on two nice finds and a good forward hunting race. The remaining placements were withheld.
The horseback Open Shooting Dog followed with a strong field of nineteen contenders. It concluded Saturday morning. Taking first place was Smoke 'N' Mirrors, pointer female, owned by Richard Gillis and Stacey Goodie and handled ably by Matt Basilone. Frankie, as she is called, ran in the second brace, and scored three times on quail, coupled with an attractive classy wide forward race. Second was Harbor City Sure Shot, pointer female, owned by Karen Lordi and Richard Gillis and handled by Matt Basilone. Sadie had two nice stands and a good edge running race with a strong finish. Third went to Hit's A Ring of Fire, Brittany male, owned by Ralph and Judy Kiracofe of Farmingdale, N. J. Ringer had one find on quail and a nice reaching good forward race to gain the final spot this day.

Fluid Drive, pointer male owned by Sal Morelli of White Plains, N. Y., and handled by Joe Lordi had a standout performance to win the Amateur Shooting Dog stake over strong field of local competition. Axle scored nicely on two stylish polished finds coupled with a strong forward race throughout. Harbor City Sure Shot, pointer female, handled by Marcus Ramseur of Newfield, N. J., had a real nice performance of her own with one of her real standup styles on point finds and a very good, classy race with strong going away finish to take second. Remy Riper Wango, white and liver pointer female, owned by Roger Dvorak and Gordan Ramsey of Elkton, Md. was third. She had one real good find, a nice back, and a good forward race to gain nod this day. It was a good stake with many nice efforts.

Finishing up the running on Saturday was the Kid's Stake. Judged by Norm Basilone and Stacey Goodie. It was the highlight of the trial with a big galley following each youth with their dog. They all had good bird work and shot over their chargers. It was a fun stake and everyone had a great time.

Starting the running Sunday was the Amateur Derby stake. Just Win Daisy owned by Charles and Traci Brunner and handled by Daren Boyer won the stake with a very good performance. Daisy, a pointer female, ran in the second brace and scored nicely with two stylish finds and a nice forward race. Taking second was She Is Top Shelf, a pretty moving pointer female owned and handled by Daren Boyer. She ran a good race and had one nice stand. Third went to Rooster's Ringo, pointer male, owned and handled by Enrico Cangelosi of Vineland N. J. Ringo had one good find and a good hunting race.

A non-sanctioned Walking Hunting Dog Stake followed. First place went to Zoldmali Nova, a Wired Hair Vizsla male, handled by Joe Weide, with a four find performance. Second was Buttonwood Ryker, German Shorthair pointer male with John Savarese. He had two good finds. Third was Little Wing Rudy, pointer male also with John Savarese, Rudy had one find and two nice backs.

The Lee Bird Open Shooting Dog Classic (a special event for club members only) concluded the running on Sunday. The winner emerged as Waybetter Bobby, pointer male owned and handled by Robert Verderosa of Trenton, N. J. He had two stylish stands (the last one was overridden by handler but found by scout, but all was in order) and finished strong at time. The runner-up was Harbor City Sure Shot. She scored with one real good find and an UP coupled with her usually good forward race. John Frank's GSP male, Flying F's Duke won the shorttail division with two finds and a strong race.

Medford, N. J., May 12
Judges: John Frank and Stacey Goodie
OPEN ALL-AGE - 5 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st-ERIN'S JOHNNY WALKER, 1687099, pointer male, by Eri's Redrum-Erin's Painted Lady. Theodore Roach & Harrison Lee, owners; Brian Sanchez, handler.
Judges: Joe Cincotta and John Frank
OPEN DERBY - 7 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st-GREAT RIVER STALLION, 1702396, pointer male, by B K Bonafide Stallion-B K Hirollins Wild. Great River Kennel, owner; Brian Sanchez, handler.
2d-ROOSTER'S RINGO, 1703865, pointer male, by R'n D's Free Pete-Smyth's Hannah. Enrico Cangelosi, owner and handler.
3d-BRIAR PATCH JUICE, 1693631, setter male, by Mobile Strike-Kolomoki Cascade Mountain. Marvin Roth, owner; Matt Basilone, handler.
Judges: Brian Sanchez and Greg Strausbaugh
OPEN RESTRICTED SHOOTING DOG - 3 Pointers and 2 Brittanys

1st-NOTTINGHAM'S STORM BANDIT, 1697928, pointer male, by Storm Rider-Little Wing Wango Tango. Roger Dvorak, owner and handler.
Judges: Dan Jolly and Bo Mamounis
OPEN SHOOTING DOG - 15 Pointers, 2 Setters, 1 Brittany and 1 German Shorthair

1st-SMOKE'N'MIRRORS, 1679185, pointer female, by Just Irresistible-A Whiskey Lullaby. Stacey Goodie & Richard Gillis, owners; Matt Basilone, handler.
2d-HARBOR CITY SURE SHOT, 1668549, pointer female, by R J's Long Shot-Harbor City Sugar. Karen Lordi & Richard Gillis, owners; Matt Basilone, handler.
3d-HIT'S A RING OF FIRE, 1686271, Brittany male, by M R B's Cool Running-Tranuilacreasangiebabie. Ralph & Judy Kiracofe, owners; Matt Basilone, handler.

harbor city sure shots23

Harbor City Sure Shot Second in the Open Shooting Dog Stake; Second in the Amateur Shooting Dog Stake

Judges: Joe Cammisa and Dan Jolly
AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG - 16 Pointers, 1 Setter and 1 German Shorthair

1st-FLUID DRIVE, 1659984, pointer male, by Great River Ice-Blaze's Isis. Saverio Morelli, owner; Joe Lordi, handler.
2d- HARBOR CITY SURE SHOT, 1668549, pointer female, by R J's Long Shot-Harbor City Sugar. Karen Lordi & Richard Gillis, owners; Marcus Ramseur, handler.
3d-REMY RIPER WANGO, 1689964, pointer female, by Storm Rider-Little Wing Wango Tango. Gordon Ramsey & Roger Dvorak, owners; Roger Dvorak, handler.

fluid drive 2s23

Fluid Drive First in the Amateur Shooting Dog Stake

Judges: Stacey Goodie and Greg Strausbaugh
AMATEUR DERBY - 6 Pointers

1st-JUST WIN DAISY, 1704018, female, by Chowan River C Rail-War Paint's Little Birdie. Charles & Tracy Brunner, owners; Daren Boyer, handler.
2d-SHE IS TOP SHELF, 1701154, female, by Bald Bourbon-Gun Runner Carli. Daren Boyer, owner and handler.
3d-ROOSTER'S RINGO, 1703865, male, by R'n D's Free Pete-Smyth's Hannah. Enrico Cangelosi, owner and handler.