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Event: Highground Toby Named Champion; Highground Gidget, Runner-Up
Result: Cascade Open All-Age Championship

Location: Payette, Idaho

Post Date: Jul 12, 2023

Submitted By: Alex Mauck

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Cascade Open All-Age Championship (l-r): Phil Bowden, Terry Erickson, George Gover with Highground Toby, Bill Owen, Lori Steinshouer, Jim Ledington, Bridget Ledington, Todd Marriott, Talmage Smedley with Highground Gidget, Nick Schade, Courtney Bastian, Ryan Marriott, Kris Wall, and Sergio Velez.

The Cascade Open All-Age Field Trial is one of the great Western competitions. Held on the wonderful Richardson Ranch in Payette, Idaho, the grounds are home to many native wild bird species. The rolling hills and rocky ridges are ideal for showcasing great all-age dog work and expert dog-handling skills.

The Cascade Open All-Age Championship took place in Payette, Idaho, on the Richardson Ranch, April 5-6, 2023. The ranch had experienced one of the wettest regional winters on record. Despite persistent inclement wet weather, the Cascade board felt the trial should proceed as it would be too difficult to cancel at such a late date. Snow had barely melted before the ranch saw several weeks of constant rainfall soak the grounds of the ranch preceding the field trial.

Difficult soggy ground conditions made bird work problematic. Valiant field trial supporters made every effort to brave early icy morning conditions to properly plant birds. The ranch has the advantage of a good population of wild birds, including chukars and Hungarian partridges.

Tom Griffin, from Reno, Nev., and Bill Owens, from Santa Barbra, Calif, judged the field trial. We deeply appreciate the judges' time and devotion and the nice, professional job they did.

A 24-dog field made for a competitive 12-brace competition. Field trial competitors attended and competed from as far away as Canada, Arizona, Utah, California, and the greater Northwest. The trial experienced awesome all-age work by excellent handlers.

Congratulations to Lori Steinshouer on winning the Championship with Highground Toby and runner-up with Highground Gidget. The dogs are actual littermates.

Champion High Ground Toby is owned by Jeffrey Gilbertson, Lori Steinshouer, and Charles and Kara Kunde and handled by Lori Steinshouer. George Gover scouted. Toby held steady, coming around on his own. He ran well to cover, finding and holding to the front very well. The dog made it easy on the handler. He had a broke find on two pair of wild huns as time was running out. The win resulted in qualifying the dog for the Nationals.

Runner-up Highground Gidget is owned by Lynn and Teresa Stinson and handled by Lori Steinshouer. George Gover scouted. Gidget handled nearly flawlessly, with a great deal of style and race. Her manners were perfect. The dog had a broke find at about the 50-minute mark on two wild huns.

The Cascade Open recognized the lifetime achievement of Rich Robertson, Sr., specific to the phenomenal impact he had on the lives of his family/friends, other hunting dog enthusiasts, the Richardson Ranch development, Tekoa Mountain Sunrise, and subsequent breeding lines and all-age field trials in general.

A presentation was made on the last night of the field trial to his family and those in attendance. The presentation was conducted by Alex Mauck and Talmage Smedley, close associates of Mr. Robertson. The primary presentation was made by Dr. Stephen Asher, owner of HOF Tekoa Mountain Sunrise.

A Cascade All-Age memorial trophy was commissioned to recognize his life's great work. All winners and all future winners will be added to the trophy.

Payette, Ida., April 5
Judges: Tom Griffin and Bill Owen
CASCADE OPEN ALL-AGE CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 14 Pointers, 9 Setters and 1 German Shorthair

Winner--HIGHGROUND TOBY, 1688620, setter male, by Highground Tonka-Lying Eyes. Lori Steinshouer & Jeff Gilbertson, owners; Lori Steinshouer, handler.
Runner-Up--HIGHGROUND GIDGET, 1687282, setter female, by Highground Tonka-Lying Eyes. Lynn & Teresa Stinson, owners; Lori Steinshouer, handler.

Judges: Terry Erickson and Bridget Ledington
OPEN DERBY - 3 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st--T'S SIGNATURE SIG, 1698407, setter male, by T's Gunslinger-Erin's Red Nose. Ryan Marriott, owner and handler.
2d--SERANOA'S VALLEY BELOW, 1700479, pointer male, by Touch's Malcolm Story-Seranoa's On Guard Annie. Nicholas Schade, owner and handler.
3d--CARBONADO'S DON PABLO, 1702622, pointer male, by Touch's Diamante-Empire On Line. Nicholas Schade, owner and handler.
Judges: Ray Larrondo and Talmage Smedley

1st--FAR WEST ASTEROID, 1702286, pointer male, by Skyfall-Phantom's Rebel Ransom. Michael Wilkin, owner and handler.
Judges: Ray Larrondo and Bridget Ledington
OPEN DERBY - 2 Pointers and 6 Setters

1st--T'S RIDGE REAPER, 1698425, setter male, by T's Gunslinger-Erin's Red Rose. Talmage Smedley, owner; Terry Erickson, handler.
2d--FAR WEST APOLLO, 1702287, pointer male, by Skyfall-Phantom's Rebel Ransom. Michael Wilkin, owner and handler.
3d--T'S HILLBILLIE GIRL, 1698426, setter female, by T's Gunslinger-T's Unjaded. Talmage Smedley, owner; Terry Erickson, handler.
Judges: Terry Erickson and Bridget Ledington
OPEN ALL-AGE - 3 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st--PIZZAZZ, unreg., setter female, breeding not given. Todd Marriott, owner; Ryan Marriott, handler.
2d--PAINTED OWYHEE STORM, 1698778, pointer female, by Painted Owyhee Toad-Painted Owyhee Sagebrush. Jim Ledington, owner and handler.
3d--HERO, unreg., setter male, breeding not given. Todd Marriott, owner; Ryan Marriott, handler.