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Event: Hi N's Allison Miranda Wins Open and Amateur
Result: NGSPA Hawkeye Championships

Location: Raymond, Nebraska

Post Date: Jul 17, 2023

Submitted By: Jeff Wallace

hawkeye shooting osds23

NGSPA Hawkeye Open Shooting Dog Championship Winners (l-r): Bruce Bryant, Allison Bell (judge), Kirk Loftin, Sherri Tangsrud with Hi N's Allison Miranda, Mark Wasserman with B D K's Dirty Harry, Josh Nieman, Jarrett Bell (judge), and Jeff Wallace.

The German Shorthaired Club of Central Iowa sponsored the 2023 NGSPA Hawkeye Championship, held on April 29-May 2 at the Branched Oaks Trial Grounds in Raymond, Neb.

We want to thank this year's sponsors, Purina and Dogs Unlimited, for their continued support of our Championship. We would also like to thank our dedicated judges, Darrin White, Jared, and Allison Bell, for their time in the saddle. I would also like to thank Dr. Hoehns for graciously volunteering to scribe our Amateur stake, Jeff Wallace for organizing our trial, and Bruce Bryant for all his hard work of planting birds and anything needed to keep the trial running smoothly.

Open Shooting Dog Championship The Open Championship cast off Monday morning with 23 entries. The cool morning weather turned to gusty Nebraska winds in the afternoon. The dry weather and gusty winds made for challenging conditions this year.

Our judges commented about the impressive bird work and application of our champion and runner-up champion. Both dogs used the limits of the course, with the champion showing an extremely nice power shooting dog course.

Hi N's Allison Miranda ("Allie"), owned and handled by Kirk Loftin and scouted by Sherri Tangsrud, was named champion. B D K's Dirty Harry ("Harry"), handled by Josh Nieman and owned and scouted by Mark Wasserman, was named runner-up.

Raymond, Neb., April 29
Judges: Allison Bell and Jarrett Bell

Winner--HI N's ALLISON MIRANDA, 1676665, female, by Hi N's Feed Jake-Chicoree's Sparkle In Her Eye. Dr. Kirk A. Loftin, owner and handler.
Runner-Up--B D K'S DIRTY HARRY, 1675196, male, by Slicks Cuttin Wild-C L K's Point Me The Way. Mark Wasserman, owner; Josh Nieman, handler.

Amateur Shooting Dog Championship
The 2023 renewal of the NGSPA Hawkeye Amateur Shooting Dog Championship was run over the Branched Oaks grounds on April 29-30. The Amateur drew 14 extremely competitive entries and was scribed by Brent Hoehns. Judges for this year's event were Darrin White, a knowledgeable German Shorthair man from Treynor, Ia., and Jarret Bell, breeder/trainer/handler of multiple Vizsla champions, from Troy, Mo. Windy weather was had throughout the weekend, and the judges' attention to the dogs during uncomfortable weather was noted and appreciated. Their decisions were well received. This year's champion was Hi N's Allison Miranda, handled by Kirk Loftin. The runner-up was Uodibar's Lover Boy, also handled by Loftin. Allie had a flashy forward race and four well-spaced finds. Blue was named runner-up with a five-find performance in windy, warm conditions.

The first brace included Hi N's Allison Miranda, handled by Kirk Loftin, and L S V's Hammer Down ("Hammer"), directed by Jim Jorgensen. Both dogs were away with good range on a cool morning in the low 40s. Hammer struck first with a nice find at 8 on the Buffet Line, all in order. Both dogs scored separately in Mushroom Draw; Hammer at 18, Allie at 19, clean, stylish work by both charges. Past the dry pond and coming up the hill, both dogs were found standing on two separate finds at 25. Both dogs standing nicely at flush and shot. Both dogs came across the starting bottom without a hitch, crossing the bridge and scoring a divided find at 35. Both dogs steady, and both handlers shooting. On the back of the course, Allie had a find at 48 on the levee near the turn-around. She finished well and was found ahead at time. Hammer was lost to judgment near the end of his hour.

The second brace pitted Quijano's W D Forty Rusty run by David Quijano, against Charlie's Perfect Angel ("Mayzie"), handled by Elsa Gallagher. Released on the bottom of the back course, both dogs got ahead, crossing the bridge without mishap. Both dogs scoring early and often. Mayzie with three nice broke finds at 5, 14, and 28, all well-handled. Unfortunately, she was lost around the 45-minute mark, with Gallagher asking for the tracker to finish the effort. Rusty had three finds early, with a find on the Buffet Line pointed from extreme distance with great style, requiring a nice relocation to produce birds. He had a nice limb find for a fourth bird at 39 before being lost at time.

Our third brace paired Twin Creeks Running Rocky ("Rocky"), handled by Loftin and Cajun's Firecracker ("Kadie"), with Bruce Bryant navigating. Starting on the back course, Rocky scored at 3 in a thicket on the bottom, all clean. Kadie then scored at 7 near the turnaround on the back course. Nice style, and all in order. She scored again at 25 near the new food plots before crossing the creek. At 42, Rocky had a find in Mushroom Draw with Kadie backing. This bird required an extended relocation which ultimately proved successful. Kadie, taken on during the relocation, moved ahead, past the dry pond, and scored on the next hill with a stylish find at 52. Rocky, trying to gain the front, scored again at 50, where the old pine draw had been dozed. Both dogs crossed the bottom well, with Kadie making a huge move around the right side of the draw, showing to the front. Kadie finished ahead nicely. Rocky found standing ahead at 61 for a fourth well-handled find at time. After breaking for lunch, the wind and temperature both rose. Temps to the low 70s, winds at 30 mph making for difficult conditions.

Uodibar's Lover Boy (Blue), handled by Loftin, was loosed with Mark Wasserman's Chisholm Creek's Cut'er Loose ("Lucy"). Both dogs away from the clubhouse, and both dogs with separate finds at 7 on the Buffet Line, all in order. Lucy scored at the bottom of Mushroom Draw at 15; nicely located and all in order. Blue pointed in the recently cleared area at 19, all clean, with Lucy backing nicely. Both dogs ahead were subsequently found standing together in the field above the dry pond at 26, a nice divided find. Across the wooden bridge, both dogs onto the back of the course. Blue found standing on the levee with a nice find at 38. Both dogs running in warm, windy conditions scoring near the turnaround of the back course. Lucy on the levee at 46, Blue ahead in the draw at 47, clean work all around. Both dogs finished ahead, Blue with a strong, wide-forward finish--a nice brace in tough conditions.

Brace No. 5 was released in the bottom on the back course. Loftin scratched Lexi because of a recent injury.

B D K's Dirty Harry ("Harry") had the course to himself with handler Wasserman. Harry, unfortunately, took a quick left-hand turn across the wooden bridge, getting out of pocket early, the handler asking for the tracker around the 10-minute mark.

Sunday was cooler but still windy. Brace No. 6 was released, including Pinnacle Dee's Mighty Mouse ("Dee"), handled by Loftin, and Holcomb's Ava, handled by Dr. John Holcomb. Both dogs released from the clubhouse made nice opening casts, with both dogs found standing at 6 on the Buffet Line. Two separate finds, both handled nicely. Both dogs were a little erratic in application but found standing in Mushroom Draw at 18 with Ava pointing, honored nicely by Dee. Released, Dee was seen to point in the field above the Dry Pond; unfortunately, Ava failed to back and was picked up. Dee remained forward and scored at 40 on the levee on the back
course. She finished ahead in windy conditions.

Our final brace paired Uodibar's Robbi Jo ("Robbi"), handled by Loftin, with Chisholm Creek's Jumping Jax Flash ("Flash") under the direction of Wasserman. Robbi had her running shoes on this morning and made a big move at the breakaway but was lost around 10 minutes into the brace; Kirk asking for the tracker at 30. Flash moved ahead and scored at 23 in Mushroom Draw, requiring a lengthy relocation. Flash pointed again above the dry pond, requiring relocation. Flash wasn't pleasing the handler, who picked up his charge at 32.

As always, putting on a field trial takes a lot of help. Bruce Bryant and Jeff Wallace worked tirelessly with entries, setting up the course, serving meals, planting birds, and many other chores. Marty Malloy once again provided us with great flying quail. We want to thank Purina for their unsurpassed support of the field trial game and specifically for this year's renewal of the Hawkeye Shooting Dog Championship. We would also like to thank Dogs Unlimited for their support.

Judges: Jarrett Bell and Darrin White
[One-Hour Heats] - 13 German Shorthairs

Winner--HI N'S ALLISON MIRANDA, 1676665, female, by Hi N's Feed Jake-Chicoree's Sparkle In Her Eye. Dr. Kirk A. Loftin, owner and handler.
Runner-Up--UODIBAR'S LOVER BOY, 1689423, male, by Diamond R S Texas Express-Uodibar's Bet Your Booty. Sherri Tangsrud, owner; Dr. Kirk A. Loftin, handler.

hawkeye shooting asds23-

NGSPA Hawkeye Amateur Shooting Dog Championship Winners (l-r): Bruce Bryant, Darrin White (judge), Allison Bell with Hi N's Allison Miranda, Kirk Loftin, Sherri Tangsrud with Uodibar's Lover Boy, Jarrett Bell (judge), and Jeff Wallace.