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Result: Region 14 Amateur All-Age Championship

Location: Winnett, Montana

Post Date: Jul 25, 2023

Submitted By: Austin Turley

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Region 14 Amateur All-Age Championship (l-r): Shannon Grady-Nygard, Mike Robbins with Costas, Darrell Curtis (judge), Austin Turley with Touch's Amazing Greyce, Sophia Robbins with Edelman, David Huffine (judge), and Courtney Bastian (Purina rep).

The Region 14 Amateur All-Age Championship followed the Big Sky Open Shooting Dog Championship and Sharptail Open Shooting Dog Classic. The judiciary for the Region 14 All-Age was David Huffine of North Carolina and Darrell Curtis of Alberta. Dogs were placed first, second, and third on race as no satisfactory bird work was recorded under judgment.

The first brace was Edge's Hidden Canyon with Mike Robbins and High Prairie Storm with Chad Hanson. Hidden Canyon disappeared quickly over the first hill and was not seen again. Storm's race was inconsistent, and the handler took the tracker at 50.

Edelman was handled by Mike Robbins in the next brace with Carbonado's Silver Sage and Austin Turley. Edelman started strong, and Sage started her brace hunting. By 20, Edelman had become a free agent while Sage had the course to herself; she did not take full advantage of it. By 30, Sage was applying herself, and Edelman had resolved his contract dispute with his handler. In the final 30 minutes, both dogs showed well to the front.

Costas, handled by Mike Robbins, and Touch's Amazing Greyce were the next pairing. Costas started well, and Greyce took a few minutes to build. By 10, Greyce was running strong to the front, and Costas was showing to either side. The brace continued this way until, at 45, well forward, Greyce decided to try her waterfowl instincts at a far pond. By 50, both dogs were forward and finished strong.

Next was Redeemed, handled by Shannon Nygard, braced with Carbonado's Wilberg, handled by Austin Turley. Both dogs started to our right and looked like they were going to show well to start. Redeemed then showed down low to our left, and Wilberg maintained the higher country to our right. Wilberg took unproductives at 30 and 38 to end his day. Redeemed's race became more of a transgression as the hour progressed.

High Prairie Gypsy with Chad Hanson was braced with Name Like Mike and Mike Robbins. The afternoon had warmed up. Both dogs started strong. Both dogs were showing very well to the front for the first 15. Between 15 and 30, Mike was absent. The handler elected to pick up Gypsy by 30 due to the heat taking its toll. At 30, Mike showed to the front. He continued strong. At 54, he was found dead ahead over a hill. The handler flushed and decided to relocate the dog. During relocation, Mike jumped at a bird, and Mike jumped at the dog.

Winnett, Mont., May 3
Judges: David Huffine and Darrell Curtis
REGION 14 AMATEUR ALL-AGE CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] - 9 Pointers and 3 Setters

[Title Withheld]
1st--COSTAS, 1698042, pointer male, by Dominator's Rebel Heir-Searchin For A Rainbow. Gordon Jones, owner; Mike Robbins, handler.
2d--TOUCH'S AMAZING GREYCE, 1693629, pointer female, by Touch's Grey Street-Intentional. Austin Turley, owner and handler.
3d--EDELMAN, 1682222, pointer male, by Miller's Light Cruizer-Heard Hill's Queen Mary. Gordon Jones, owner; Mike Robbins, handler.