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Mailing Address Change for UKC/American Field/Field Dog Stud Book

Notice to our valued American Field/Field Dog Stud Book customers regarding mail

December 17, 2021

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We are now a few months into the historic acquisition of American Field by United Kennel Club (UKC). Our teams have merged and are working well, and now a next step in this process is the handling and processing of all mailed items. The main UKC office in Kalamazoo, Michigan will now become the official mail hub for all physical pieces.

The Kalamazoo mailing address is:
100 E. Kilgore Rd.
Kalamazoo, MI 49002

When mailing items to the Kalamazoo office, please note whether the contents are UKC or American Field/Field Dog Stud Book items, with an ATTN line.

With this change, an important question arises: What if I recently mailed something to the American Field Chicago office?

The answer: The office in Chicago was a leased space, and operations from that building have transferred off-site in the last few weeks. But don't worry, because there is an official mail forwarding setup in place with the US Postal Service. Mail began forwarding on December 3, 2021, and will continue to forward for 18 months.


Whenever you bring together two organizations with the size and scope of UKC and American Field, its possible that there will be some glitches along the way, and others that we might yet encounter relating to office mailing procedures. If anyone has encountered any issues or forwarding errors when trying to mail to American Field, please reach out to us via our website chat service at, so we can get them resolved. We want to thank everyone for their patience if any errors have occurred while we continue to work through some of the logistics of this changeover.

To reiterate: Rest assured that ALL mail sent to the Chicago address (Attn: American Field) in the coming months will be automatically forwarded to the Kalamazoo office, and this will be the case from now on. As you are filling out registration records, or any mailed items for American Field events or Field Dog Stud Book services, it is best to use the above Kalamazoo address moving forward. But until you get in the habit, you should have nothing to worry about, and the Chicago-addressed parcels will be delivered to Kalamazoo on your behalf.

To continue the efficiency of these mailing procedures, you will begin to see the Kalamazoo address inserted on all paperwork in the coming weeks. It is, of course, a helpful hint to use the Kalamazoo address when mailing the items.

As for email and phone calls, your experienced American Field/Field Dog Stud Book team is readily available to assist with any questions at the same email addresses and phone number/extensions you're used to. We love having them on board, as the UKC team and the American Field/Field Dog Stud Book teams have officially joined as one, and your American Field/Field Dog Stud Book contacts continue to be ready to help.

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